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9-Weeks Review

Financial Technoloogy 9-Weeks Review

Necessary for physical survival basic needs
Not necessary for physical survival life-enhancing wants
Teenagers and sports watchers are examples of target markets
Item marked down to draw in customers loss leader
To convince one to buy a specific good product advertising
To promote the image of a store company advertising
Promotion of a general product group industry advertising
Specific set of consumers target market
Using uneven numbers when setting prices so consumers believe they are getting a bargain odd number pricing
Protects your health and billing information HIPPA
Protects investors and oversees securities market SEC
Prevents the selling of mislabeled foods, drugs, etc. FDA
Requires warning labels be visible on products cigarette labeling and advertising act
Restricts unfair methods of competition FTC
Based on estimated cash inflows and outflows budget
Debts liabilities
Costs that do not change fixed expenses
money or things you own assets
Costs that can go up and down variable expenses
Difference between planned income or spending and actual income or spending variance
Offer financing for the purchase of a new vehicle new car dealers
Title fees and sales tax are paid only at the time the vehicle is purchased
Factors to consider when choosing between a new or used vehicle cost, depreciation, and repairs
Deciding where to live will depend on finances
loss in value of a vehicle depreciation
unique number for a vehicle VIN
A source for checking the history of a used vehicle CARFAX
When signing a lease, one is expected to stay for entire term
It is lawful for one to deny rent based on employment, credit rating, and rental experience
When vacating a rental, how many days notice is one to give? 30 days
Legal demand that a tenant move out eviction
owner of the property landlord
renter of the property tenant
A written agreement to rent property which states a specified length of rental lease
Using another's property for a fee renting
To increase in value appreciate
The two types of mortgages are fixed rate and adjustable rate
Costs paid when a real estate transaction is complete closing costs
Check not honored by the bank due to non-sufficient funds bounced check
Monthly payments should not exceed what percentage of one's take home pay 25-35%
Used to access an account; like a password PIN
Expressed interest in entering into a contract offer
Adjusting the checkbook register and bank statement balances bank reconciliation
Formal agreement to the terms of an offer acceptance
Used at an ATM ATM card
Interest rates do not change during the term of the loan fixed rate loan
Interest rates change in response to the economy adjustable rate loan
Tool used to track check, withdrawals, deposits, etc. checkbook register
Money added to an account deposit
Written order to pay stated amount to stated person or business check
Person who can be claimed on tax return dependent
The more exemptions the less tax
Used by employees to list exemptions and tax withholdings W-4
Pay for each hour worked wage
Pay for each month or year worked salary
Percentage of sales paid to salesperson commission
Amount of check after deductions net pay
Deductions required by law federal income tax, social security, medicare
Voluntary deductions health insurance, life insurance, retirement plan
Total salary or wages earned gross pay
Reports worker's taxable income for year W-2
Provides a death benefit and builds cash value permanent life insurance
Patients choose doctors from approved list preferred provider organization
Protects you if someone is injured on your property personal liability
Provides portion of pay for up to 2 years due to injury or illness short term disability
Price paid for insurance coverage premium
Amount one must pay before insurance will pay deductible
Ability to borrow money and pay it back later credit
Credit to be paid off in a set period of time installment credit
Fee for violating terms of credit agreement penalty
Procedure to relieve someone of excessive debt bankruptcy
Getting one loan with a single monthly payment to pay off all debt debt consolidation
Account one can charge repeatedly up to a maximum limit revolving credit
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