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IDT Study Guide II

Intro to Digital Technology

If a program will run on Windows but not on Mac, the likely reason is: the operating systems work differently
Use this to change the design and "look" of your web page CSS
In web design, the tags that tell the browser to read the document as a web page <html></html>
The rules and grammar of code syntax
How an employee in an IT career can increase earning power and career progression get certified
Skills needed to become a computer sales person people skills
The port where flash drives, smart phone chargers, printers, and other devices are plugged into the computer USB (Universal Serial Bus)
Career option that includes cryptography or searching for deleted information on computers Computer Forensics
Data that allows an e-commerce site to remember your customer data cookie
Active listening, courteous, knowledgeable communication skills
Your computer's unique address IP or internet protocol address
.com, .org, .net, .edu top level domains
accidentally keying a web address incorrectly and ending up at a site that you weren't looking for is an internet securing "trick" called: internet spoofing
After installing a printer, what must be done in order for a computer to "talk" to the printer install printer drivers
Joining will gain you leadership skills, networkingopportunities and competitive event opportunities FBLA
Gamers usually install this in order to keep up with the latest multi-player online games a dedicated graphics card
Network needed when an organization is housed in multiple buildings near each other WAN
The address of a particular web site URL
"if" statement inside another "if" statement nested if
Allows for easy movement around a web site navigation
Created by: CaraNorton