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Interpreting Laws

Laws Relating to NIC Written Examination

Requires all settings covered by Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) must provide certified interpreters (State or National certification) in Michigan Deaf Person's Interpreter Act (Michigan)
Rehabilitation Act Amendment Title V, Section 504, 1973: Prohibits discrimination by organizations receiving federal financial assistance
American with Disabilities Act (ADA) 1990: Must provide "Qualified" and "Reasonable Accommodations" // Note: No definition of "qualified" and the burden is on the individual to prove what is "unreasonable"
Education of All Handicapped Children Act PL 94-142, 1975: Mandates all children are afforded "free appropriate education." Public education to be delivered in the "least restrictive environment." Eventually amended by the 1990 IDEA
I.D.E.A PL 101-476, 1990: Individuals with Disabilities Education Act amended the Education of All Handicapped Children Act, strongly encouraging students with disabilities be educated in regular-education classroom to the maximum extent appropriate
Bilingual, Hearing, and Speech Impaired Court Interpreter Act 1977: Requires that a federal court must appoint and pay for an interpreter in any criminal and/or civil action initiated by the federal government
Requires all schools to show adequate yearly progress No Child Left Behind
Requires all personnel in schools to meet certain standards No Child Left Behind
Major impetus behind tightening definitions of requirements for educational interpreters No Child Left Behind
Rules and Regulations will define qualifications for certain settings Deaf Person's Interpreter Act (Michigan)
Criminalizes misrepresentation of credentials Deaf Person's Interpreter Act (Michigan)
What does MARSE stand for? Michigan Administrative Rules for Special Education
According to MARSE, an interpreter for the deaf in a educational setting shall be any of the following: Certified, or Qualified (both as defined in PA 204, 1982), or Highschool graduate or equivalent WITH Advanced Training in an ITP and this training must be approved by the department.
American Sign Language Act ALLOWS schools to RECOGNIZE American Sign Language (ASL) as a foreign language (IF the school wants to offer if)
Vocational Rehabilitation Act PL 89-333, 1965: The law that initiated paid interpreting, authorized state agencies to employ interpreters
Sought to enhance job training and employment opportunities for people with disabilities Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Made Interpreting a career option Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1965, PL89-333
PA 204, 1982 and Amended in 2007 Deaf Person's Interpreter Act (Michigan)
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