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Final Exam 101

toward ad-
against, opposing anti-, ant-
within endo-
excessive, abnormally high, above hyper-
under, below normal hypo-
near, alongside, departure from normal para-
together, joined syn-
a solution or substance with a pH less than 7 acid/o
extremity acr/o
gland aden/o
male andr/o
calcium calc/i
tree bark, outher covering, cortex cortic/o
to secrete crin/o
thrist dips/o
glucose, sugar, sweet gluc/o
glycogen (a storage form of sugar) glucose, sugar, sweet glyc/o, glycos/o
to set in motion hormon/o
potassium kal/i
ketone bodies (a by-product of fat metabolism ket/o, keton/o
a rounded part, lobe lob/o
mucus myx/o
sodium natr/o
eye ophthalm/o
sweetbread, pancreas pancreat/o
kidney ren/o
shield, thyroid thyr/o
poison tox/o
urine ur/o
run, running -drome
swelling -edema
condition of blood -emia
condition or disease -ism
abnormally large -megaly
resembling -oid
condition of -osis
abnormal reduction in number, deficiency -penia
shape, formation -plasia
blood sugar BS
calicum Ca
diabetes insipidus DI
diabetes mellitus DM
fasting blood sugar FBS
glucose tolerence test GTT
hormone replacement therapy HRT
potassium K
postprandial blood sugar PPBS
radioactive iodine uptake RAIU
slow brady-
upon, over, above, on top epi-
between inter-
around peri-
rapid, fast tachy-
four tetra-
slow brady-
upon, over, above, on top epi-
between inter-
around peri-
four tetra-
blood vessel angi/o, angin/o
aorta aort/o
artery arter/o, arteri/o
fat ather/o
atrium arti/o
heart card/o, cardi/o
crown, circle, heart coron/o
blue cyan/o
to bounce,sound ech/o
electricity electr/o
a plug embol/o
likely to bleed hemorrh/o
to hold back, deficiency isch/o
thin man/o
muscle my/o, myos/o
chest pector/o, steth/o
vein phleb/o, ven/o
lung pulmon/o
repetition, rhythum rrhythm/o
thick, hard, sclera scler/o
wall, partition sept/o
pulse sphygm/o
narowness, constriction sten/o
pressure tens/o
clot thromb/o
little valve valvul/o
dilated vein varic/o
blood vessel, duct in urinary system and male repoductive system vas/o
small blood vessel vascul/o
little belly, cavity, ventricle ventricul/o
pertaining to -ac, -ary, -is, -ar, -ary
removal -apheresis
pain -dynia
a record -gram
insturment for recording -graph
pretaining to loosen, disolve -lytic
abnormally large -megaly
suturing -rrhaphy
rupture -rrhexis
state of -sis
sudden, involuntary muscle contraction -spasm
surgical creation of an opening -stomy
Atrial septal defect ASD
Atrioventriculas AV
blood pressure BP
Coronary artery bypass graft CABG
Coronary artery disease CAD
Congestive heart failiure CHF
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation CPR
Deep vein thrombosis DVT
Electrocardiogram ECG, EKG
Hypertensive heart disease HHD
Myocardial infaraction MI
Magnetic resonance angiography MRA
Sinoatrial SA
Semilunar (pertaining to the heart valve SL
up, toward, apart ana-
same homo-
equal iso-
large macro-
small micro-
before pro-
through, across, beyond trans-, dia-
self aut/o
bacteria bacter/o, bacteri/o
germ, bud, developing cell blast/o
color chromat/o
red erythr/o
fungus fung/o
blood hem/o, hemat/o
exempt, immunity immun/o
white leuk/o
clear water, fluid lymph/o
one mon/o
bone marrow, spinal cord, medulla, myelin sheath myel/o
kernal, nucleus nucle/o
disease path/o
change plas/o
irregular poikil/o
putrefying septic/o
spleen splen/o
grape-like clusters Staphyloccus (bacterium) staphyl/o
twisted or gnarled, Streptococcus (bacterium) strept/o
heat therm/o
clot thromb/o
wart-like, thymus gland thym/o
poison tox/o, toxic/o
virus vir/o
to separate -crit
cell -cyte
condition of blood -emia, -hemia
globe-like protein -globin
surgical fixation, suspension -pexy
loving, affinity for -phil, -philia
protection -phylaxis
formation -poiesis
standing still -stasis
treatment -therapy
Acquired immune deficiency syndrome AIDS
Complete blood count CBC
Erthrocyte sedimentation rate ESR
Hematocrit HCT, Hct
Hemoglobin HGB, Hgb
Human immunodeficiency virus HIV
Red bllod count RBC
White blood cwll or white blood count WBC
with endo-
normal, good eu-
new neo-
all, entire pan-
many poly-
air sac, alveolus alveol/o
incomplete atel/o
airway, bronchus bronch/o, bronch/i
dust con/i
sac, bladder cyst/o
fiber fib/o
opening into the windpipe glott/o
voice box, larynx laryng/o
mucus muc/o
nose nas/o
straight orth/o
oxygen ox/i
throat/ pharynx pharyng/o
partition phragm/o, phragmat/o
rib, pleura pleur/o
air, lung pneum/o, pneumon/o, pneumat/o
lung pulmon/o
pus py/o
nose rhin/o
wall, partition sept/o
cavity sinus/o
sleep somn/o
to breathe spir/o
pulse sphyx/o
almond, tonsil tonsill/o
windpipe, trachea trache/o
little mass or swelling tubercul/o
pain -algia
condition of carbon dioxide -capnia
hernia, swelling, protrusion -cele
surgical puncture to aspirate fluids -centesis
expansion, dilation -ectasis
condition of blood -emia
measurement -metry
condition of -osis
cutting into, incision -otomy, -tomy
condition of oxygen -oxia
surgical fixation, suspension -pexy
condition of sound or voice -phonia
something shaped -plasm
breathing -pnea
to cough up -ptysis
dripping -staxis
Arterial blood gases ABG
Acid-fast bacilli AFB
Adult (acute) respiratory distress syndrome ARDS
Cystic fibrosis CF
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD
Chest X-Ray CXR
Influenza Flu
Hyaline membrane disease HMD
Infant respiratoy distress syndrome IRDS
Left lower lobe (lung) LLL
Left upper lobe (lung) LUL
Neonatal respiratory distress syndrome NRDS
Obstructive sleep apnea OSA
Pulmonary embolism PE
Pulmonary function test PFT
Purified protein derivative PPD
Respiratory distress syndrome RDS
Right lower lobe (lung) RLL
Right upper lobe (lung) RUL
Severe acute respiratory syndrome SARS
Tuberculosis TB
Tital volume TV
Upper respiratory infection URI
Vital capacity VC
Ventilation-perfusion scanning VPS or V/Q scan
abdomen, abdominal cavity abdomin/o, celi/o
anus an/o
to hang onto, appendix append/o
bile bil/i
blind intestine, cecum cec/o
lip cheil/o
bile, gall chol/e
common bile duct choledoch/o
orange cirrh/o
colon col/o, colon/o
teeth dent/o
a small blind pouch, diverticulum diverticul/o
twelve, duodenum duoden/o
small intestine enter/o
gullet, espohagus esophag/e, esophag/o
stomach gastr/o
gums gingiv/o
tongue gloss/o, lingu/o
breath halit/o
liver hepat/o
to roll, ileum ile/o
empty, jejunum jejun/o
abdomen lapar/o
mouth or/o
roof of the mouth, palate palat/o
digestion peps/o, pept/o
perineum perine/o
to stretch over, peritoneum peritone/o
eat, swallow phag/o
throat pharyng/o
small growth, polyp polyp/o
gatekeeper, pylorus pylor/o
red pigment rubin/o
saliva sial/o
grape, uvula uvul/o
hernia, swelling, protrusion -cele
vomiting -emesis
condition of digestion -pepsia
falling down, drooping ptosis
Abdominoperineal resection A & P resection
Barium Enema BE
Esophagogastroduodenoscopy EGD
Endosopic retograde cholangiopancreatography ERCP
Gastroesophageal reflux disease GERD
Gastrointestinal GI
Inflammatory bowel disease IBD
Irritable bowel syndrome IBS
Lactose intolerance LI
Nausea & vomiting N & V
Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy PEG
Upper GI series UGI
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty UPPP
albumin (a protein) albumin/o
urea, nitrogen azot/o
bacteria bacteri/o
germ, bud, developing cell blast/o
little ball, glomerulus glomerul/o
ketone bodies ket/o, keton/o
kidney nephr/o
night noct/o
few in number olig/o
renal pelvis pyel/o
rip, tear spadias/o
ureter ureter/o
urethra urethr/o
urine urin/a, urin/o, ur/o
surgical crushing -tripsy
nourishment, development -trophy
urination -uresis
condition of urine, urination -uria
Bowman's capsule BC
Blood urea nitrogen BUN
Catheter, catheterization cath
Hemodialysis HD
Intravenous pyelogram IVP
Kidney, ureter and bladder x-ray KUB
Retrograde pyelogram RP
Specific gravity SG
Urinalysis UA
Voiding cystourethrogram VCUG
male andr/o
glans penis blan/o
epididymis epididym/o
testis, testicle orch/o, orchi/o, orchid/o, test/o, testicul/o
penis pen/o
prostate gland prostat/o
seed, sperm semin/o, sperm/o, spermat/o
vessicle, seminal vesicle vesicul/o
animal zo/o
Benign prostatic hyperoplasia(or hypertrophy BPH
Digital rectal exam DRE
Erectile dysfunction ED
Hepatitis B Virus HBV
Human papilloma virus HPV
Herpes simplex virus type 2 HSV-2
Prostate-sepecific antigen PSA
Transurethral incision of the prostate TUIP
Transurethral microwave thermotherapy TUMT
Transurethral resection of the prostate TURP
cervix, neck cervic/o
vagina colp/o
cul-de-sac culd/o
vulva episi/o
woman gynec/o, gyn/o
uterus hyster/o, metr/i, metr/o
month, menstruation mem/o, menstru/o
ovary oophor/o, ovari/o
egg ov/o
tube (usually eustachian or fallopian tubes) salping/o
cervix, neck trachel/o
womb, uterus uter/o
Dilation & curettage D & C
Carcinoma in situ CIS
Estrogen replacement therapy ERT
Fibrocystic breast disease FBD
Papanicolaou smear (or test) PAP smear (test)
Pelvic inflammatory disease PID
Premenstrual syndrome PMS
Total abdominal hysterectomy/bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy TAH/BSO
Toxic shock syndrome TSS
amnoin, amniotic fluid amni/o, amnion/o
membrane, chorion chori/o
embryo embry/o
fetus fet/o
old age ger/o, geront/o, presby/o
pregnancy gravid/o, gravidar/o
milk lact/o
birth nat/o
midwife, pernatal development obstetr/o
umbilicus (naval) omphal/o
parturition or labor par/o, part/o
child ped/o, pediatr/o
first prim/i
false pseud/o
childbirth puperper/i, puerper/o
birth, labor toc/o
Cesarean section C-section
Date of Birth DOB
Expected date of delivery EDD
Gerontology GER
Hyaline membrane disease HMD
Last memstrual period LMP
Newborn NB
Obstetrics OB
Obstetrics/gynecology OB/GYN
Pediatrics PED
Pregnancy-induced hypertension PIH
Spontaneous abortion SAB
Therapeutic abortion TAB
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