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Access Vocab Les4

Access Vocabulary Terms Lesson 4

Form a database that dispalys data form one or more tables or queries in a format that has a similar appearence to a paper form
Record Source tables or queries that provide the data to be displayed in a form
Form Tool creates a simple form that includes a title with the same name as the table or query uses the same format and includes a tite with the same name as the table or query on which it is based
Controls fields that appear in a form
Layout View can view the controls in teh form and data from the record source at the same time
Split Form Tool creates a form using all the fields in the selected table or query and splits the window into two planes
Multiple Items Tool createse a form that lists all the fields in a datasheet format but using a style that is similar to the form created by the Form Tool
Datasheet Tool creates a form that looks just like a datasheet
Form Wizard helps create a form by letting you select options in dialog boxes to specify the forms record source and layout
Theme form's style
Form View see each record in the record source one at a time in the form
Find finding a database quickly
Field List Pane contains the talbes in the database and displats the field they contain
Control Layout "containter" that groups together the controls in a form so that you can change them as a group
Detail Section controls that display one record at a time
Form Header Section displays information at the top of each form
Form Footer Section displays information at the bottom of each form
Bound Control connected to a field in the record source and is used to display, enter, and update data
Unbound Control is not connected to a record source and is used to display information, lines, rectangles, and pictures
Created by: Tradams