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CTI Key App Ch 5

Key Applications Lesson 5

The Styles group is located on what tab? Home
To change all of the attributes of a document based on the style that is assigned, apply a Quick Style
To repeat an action press F4
What are three types of section breaks? Next Page, Continuous, Even Page
When you delete a section break, the formatting of what section is applied to the text. The Section following the deleted break
True or False: You can choose to start sections on an even or odd page. True
True or False: You can use a section break to apply columns. True
True or False: When you apply certain paragraph formatting, section breaks are automatically inserted. True
True or False: When you delete a section break, the formatting of the previous section is applied to the text. False
What would you NOT find in a footer Citation
What are three things you would find in a footer Date, Page Number, Document Title
Where are headers and footers located? In the margins
True or false: You can insert preformatted headers and footers True
To activate the header or footer you Double-Click it
How do Headers and Footers appear when you are working in the body of your document? Dimmed
The collection of graphics and artwork is located in what task pane? Clip Art
Which of the following is NOT a category of art available in Word: Sound, Movies, Thumbnails, Photographs Thumbnails
When a graphic is selected, what color handles appear on its edges? Gray
File sizes are measured in Points
Things that people create, manufacture, invent, or design are considered Intellectual Property
An object that contains words, but can be resized and moved like a graphic Text Box
The buttons used to create footnotes and endnotes are located on what tab? References
Next to the text you are citing, the footnote or endnote reference is in what font? Superscript
The buttons used to create a table of contents are located on what tab? References
A word with the same meaning is called a Synonym
You can save a block of frequently used text as a Quick Part
Martina's teacher asks her to make sure that she includes citations in a list on the last page of her document. Martina adds what to her document to do this. Endnotes
Martina's teacher wants each report to have a page number, the student's name, and the report title to appear on every page. Martina adds a Header or footer
Eddie is creating a newsletter and wants to make sure it is visually interesting. He sould format the articles in Columns
To resize graphics to remove portions of them is Crop
A small icon that displays to represent a graphic Thumbnail
To remove portions of a graphic Crop
The legal protections of creative work is called Copy right
A box that contains additional information related to an article Sidebar
A reference tool that displays synonyms. Thesaurus
Identifying text that appears in the top margin Header
Frequently used text Building Block
Sequential notes that appear at the end of a document Endnotes
A text box with information that relates to an article Sidebar
Created by: ashoup