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Nonverbal Comm.

Speech - Exam 2

What is nonverbal communication? any form of communication that isn't verbal
what is the deaf man's definition of nonverbal communication? anthing which is not linguistically (language) based.
what are the functions of nonverbal communication (6)? convey meaning, repeating, contradicting, accenting, regulating, and substituting
how does nonverbal contradict? their verbal and nonverbal may contradict each other (saying 'I'm okay' when really you're not)
how does nonverbal accent? putting your 'game face' on... helps make your attitude stronger, more intense
how does nonverbal regulate? it regulates who talks, who speaks, flow of message, etc.
what is substituting? maybe you substitute nonverbal for verbal, in order to protect yourself (your ego, etc)
what are the basic elements of nonverbal? (2) categories, and components
what are the categories of nonverbal? (5) emblem, illustrators, affect display, regulators, adapters
what is an emblem? a nonverbal bodily act that can be given a precise verbal definition (flipping someone off)
what is an illustrator? bodily act that is less precise in meaning, and therefore must be accompanied by the verbal.
what is affect display? your facial expression
what are regulators? help regulate the pattern, flow, direction of messages
what are adapters? nonverbal acts with less precise meaning (stifling a yawn, covering your mouth when you sneeze)
Created by: kelseyrae