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Voc. bodin 2

French vocabulary

turfiste le / la/ racegoer
exaucer vt. grant (prière, voeu) qu to grant sb's wish
excédant(e) adj. (énervant) exasperating
parier vt. bet (aux courses)
I might have known je l'aurais parié.
dévoiler vt. to reveal
dégourdir to bring the circulation back to; to warm up
se dégourdir stretch something out (legs)
garnir (de)1) to fit out with 2)to cover 3to fill, stock, 4)to pad 5)to trim, to decorate VT
box full of chocolates boite garnie de chocolats
insolite adj. unusual, out of the ordinary
ovationner vt; to give sb an ovation
écourter vt: to shorten
narguer vt: to scoff at, to scorn, moquer trés fort
narquoi/ oise adj; mocking
dresser vt: to draw up (liste, inventaire) 2) to put up (buffet), set the table, arrange, 3)to raise (tete) 4)to tame, to break in
se dresser vpr: to stand up, sit up straight, to rear up (stand on hind legs) 2) to prick up 3) to stand; to tower (batiment) 4)(=insurger) to rise up (contre, face à against)
to stand on tiptoe se dresser sur la pointe des pieds
a tale to make your hair stand on end une histoire à faire les cheveux sur la tête
to prick up its ears dresser les oreilles
concurrent / e) adj; competing N: competitor, candidate
concurrentiel /(le) adj: competitive
franchir vt: to get over (obsticle, to cross (river), to go through , to cover, to break through, to overstep
le pays vient de franchir un cap important the country has just passed an important milestone
bévue Une; blunder
commettre une bévue to make a blunder
raccourcir to shorten
délai le: time limit 2) waiting period 3) extension 4) as soon as possible
vous ëtes dans les délais your within the time limit;
il va demander un délai pour achever le travail he's going to ask for more time to finish the job.
dans les plus brefs délais dans les meilleurs délais as soon as possible
délai de livraison délai de paiement délai de relexion delivery time; term of payment; (avant réponse) time to think (cooling off period)
amortir vt: (=diminuer) to absorb (choc, coup, chute) to cushion, to deaden 2) (dette) to pay off
amortissement un: (de dette) paying off; reserve for depreciation ( recoup the cost comme wet suit)
amortisseur un: shock absorber
aboutir vi: to succeed 2) (=arriver) to end up (prison)
faire aboutir des négociations to bring négociations to a successful conclusion
aboutissement un: outcome (results) success
divertir se divertir vt: to amuse to amuse oneself
divertissant (e) adj: amusing, entertaining
divertissement le: entertainment
enlaidir s'enlaidir vt; to make look ugly, to deface, vi; to become ugly to make oneself ugly
divulguer vt: to divulge
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