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ch 2 &8

Adware program that displays an online advertisement in a banner pop up
Anti-spam program filtering program that attempts to remove spam
Antivirus Program protects a computer against viruses by identifying and removing any viruses found in memory
BIOS firmware that containd=s the computers startup
Cold-boot turning off a computer completely
Command-line interface usre types commands or presses special keys om key board
admngj[vafnbjhgbnfae[ nfgwtohntgmsgionjhsrgmn
Compressed files/zipped smaller files
Computer virus damaging computer programs
Cross platform program that runs the same on multiple operating systems
Defragmenting disk that reorganizessothat files are stored
Disk scanner utility that searches for and removeskevjkleqrgbrfrfbhbhefl
DOS disk operating system
Trojan horse hides or looks like a legitimate program
user interface controls how u enter data
user name identifies one specific user
virtual memory usually the hard disk
worm copies itself repeatedly
Created by: johnprince