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Revision cards for AQA AS INFO2 Uses of ICT

What are the three different modes of processing? Batch; transaction; interactive
What is batch processing, and an example Processing that takes place at a set time as a job lot. E.g. monthly payroll or bill payments (payments not processed until end of the day)
What is transaction processing, and an example Each transaction is processed as soon as it is completed before the next can begin. E.g. booking a cinema ticket
What is interactive processing, and an example Computer immediately responds to each input from user. E.g. selecting a menu with the mouse.
One advantage and one disadvantage of batch processing. When is it suitable? Cheaper and more straightforward to back up than transaction but data is only as up to date as the last processing date. Suitable for situations when up to the minute data accuracy isn't essential.
One advantage and one disadvantage of transaction processing. When is it suitable? Data is up to date at all times but more difficult to back up and costlier to set up. Suitable when you need up to date data, e.g. to prevent double booking
What can ICT provide (6) Fast, repetitive processing; improved presentation; improved security; improved accessibility to information and services; vast storage space; improved search facilities