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networking D

chapter 1 thru 4

bootstrap protocol application layer protocol; uses a central list of IP addresses and the associated MAC addresses to assign IP addresses to clients dynamically.
precursor to bootp dynamic host configuration protocol;application layer protocol;manages dynamic distribution of IP address on a network;eliminates duplicate addressing
ICMP internet control message protocol notifies the sender that something went wrong delivering packets;info didnt get there
IGMP internet control management protocol manage multicast transmissions;determines which nodes belong to a multicast group
dns domain name service application layer;heirarchial way of tracking domain names and their addresses
ddns dynamic domain name system application layer;heirarchial way of tracking domain names and their addresses
multicast address a type of ipv6 address that represents multiple interfaces often on multiple nodes
multicasting a means of transmission in which one device sends data to a specific group of devices in a point to point multi fashion
root server a dns server maintained by ICANN and IANA that is an authority on how to handle top level domains
network class a classification that pertains to the network size and is indicated by an address and a mask
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