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Normal Development of Oral-Motor

AgeOral Motor-Skills
37-40wk Gestation Possesses strong gag reflex, rooting reflex, autonomic phasic bite-release pattern, sucks/suckles when hand or obj comes into contact w/mouth, shows minimal drooling in supine & increased drooling in other positions.
1-2mos Cont. to show strong gag/rooting/automatic phasic bite-release pattern/suck-swallow reflexes. Now drools more as jaw/tongue move in wider excursions.
3-5mos Experiences diminished rooting/autonomic phasic bite-release pattern/strong gag reflex (5mos). Drools less in positions w/greater postural stability, uses mouth to explore obj, begins to show new oral movements in association w/increased head/body control
6mos Rooting/autonomic phasic bite-release pattern gone. Decrease in strength of gag reflex. Maintains lip closure onger in supine, prone, sitting positions. Drools when babbling, reaching, teething; drools less during feeding.
7-9mos Gag reflex is similar 2 adult protective gag reflex. Use of expression 2 show like/dislike, mouth/visual exam/hand manip. 2 investigate new obj. Bites fingers/obj 2 reduce teething pain (drools). More coord. jaw/tounge/lip mvmnts in prn/sup/sit/stand.
10-12mos Produces more coord. jaw/tongue/lip movements when sitting/standing/creeping on hands & knees. Rarely drools except when teething.
13-18mos Moves UE & LE
15-18mos Excelent coordination of sucking, swallowing, and breathing.
19-24mos Uses up-and-down tongue movements and tip elevation. Develops internal jaw stabilization. swallows with easy lip closure
24-36mos Uses tongue humping rather than tongue protrusion to initiate swallowing.
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