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French Idioms 1

En parlant du corps... Speaking about the Body

Avoir le bras long to have influence; to have a long arm
Être un bourreau des cœurs to be a Casanova; to e a lady killer
Avoir le cœur sur la main to be kindhearted; to give the shirt off one's back
Se croire sorti de la cuisse de Jupiter to think alot of oneself; to think of oneself as God's gift to the world
Se mettre le doigt dans l'œil to be entirely mistaken, to kid oneself
Tenir la jambe á quelqu'un to corner someone, to bore someone with endless conversation
Avoir un poil dans la main to shy away from work, to avoid work at all costs
Tomber sur un os to meet a difficulty, to hit a snag
Casser les pieds á quelqu'un to get on someone's nerves, to bore someone stiff
Manger sur le pouce to have quick snack, to grab a bite to eat
Tirer le diable par la queue to be hard up, to live from hand to mouth, to be needy
Partir ventre á terre to leave in a flash; to race off
Created by: UWFrench4