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Chapter 2V


Business that provides individuals and companies access to the Internet free or for a fee. Access
Appearance of motion created by displaying a series of still images in sequence Animation
Music, speech, or any other sound Audio
Informal Web site consisting of time-stamped articles, in a journal format, usually listed in reverse chronological order Blog
Application software that allows users to access and view Web pages Browser
Allows access to high-speed Internet services through the cable television network Cable Modem
Location on an Internet server that permits users to chat with each other Chat room
Translates the domain name to its associated IP address so that data can be routed to the correct computer DIVS server
Text version of an IP address Domain name
Computer receiving information from a server on the Internet Downloading
Technology that provides high-speed Internet connections using regular copper telephone lines DSL
Business transaction that occurs over an electronic network E-commerce
Express emotion Emotions
Internet standard that permits file uploading and downloading with other computers on the Internet FTP
First page that a website displays Home Page
Worldwide collection of networks that links millions of businesses, government agencies, educational institutions, and individuals Internet
Number that uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet IP adderess
Regional or national access provider ISP
Built-in connection to another related Web page or part of a Web page Link
Code of acceptable behaviors users should follow while on the Internet Netiquette
Program that extends the capability of a browser Plug-in
Web site that offers a variety of Internet services from a single, convenient location Portal
Specification that content aggregators use to distribute content to subscribers RSS
Program that finds Web sites, Web pages, images, videos, news, and other information Search engine
Process of transferring data in a continuous and even flow Streaming
Process of transferring documents, graphics, and other objects from a computer to the Internet Uploading
Unique address for a Web page URL
Technology that allows users to speak to another user over the Internet VOLP
Term used to refer to Web sites that allow users to modify Web site content, provide a means for users to share personal information, and have application software built into the site for visitors to use Web 2.0
Application software that allows users to access and view Web pages Web browser
Network uses radio signals to provide Internet connections to wireless computers and devices Wi-fi
Collaborative Web site that allows users to create, modify, or delete the Web site content via their Web browser Wiki
Created by: vidhi324