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QX terms

ADHERE to follow closely or to follow without deviation
ADULT 13 years or older
AFTDet The rear of the aircraft
AGENT Customer service agent on the ground
AIRCRAFT TAIL NUMBER an identification number painted on the tail section of the aircraft
ABP ABLE BODIED PERSON a person who assists in evacuating an aircraft (non-crewmember)
AIRCRAFT LEFT Determined by facing the cockpit
AIRCRAFT RIGHT Determined by facing the cockpit
ALTITUDE the height above sea level measured in feet
ANNUNCIATOR PANEL Bank of colored lights that work in conjunction with the aircraft call chime system
ARM To turn on or prepare equipment for use
ASCENT The action of an airplane climbing
BALLAST Weight added to an aircraft to keep it in proper weight and balance
BIDDING The procedure that crewmembers are awarded monthly and vacation schedules
BLOCK TIME The time the blocks are pulled from beneath the aircraft wheels prior to taxi until the blocks are replaced upon completion of the flight
BOARDING PASS card issued to passengers prior to boarding, showing date, destination and flight number. Each passenger must have a boarding pass before he/she can board an aircraft
BRIEFING the instructions concerning procedures and particulars
BULKHEAD the partition or wall separating various compartments in an aircraft
BUMP the removal of a passenger, normally non-rev
BUY ON BOARD (BOB) buy on board sales, food and hard alcohol.
CABIN the section of the aircraft for passenger seating
CABIN ALTITUDE the simulated altitude (pressurized) maintained in the cabin of an aircraft
CAPTAIN the head pilot
CAROUSEL circular platform to retrieve baggage
CARRIER company involved in the transportation of people
CARRY-OUT CART covered cart with the logo "a la carte" printed on the canopy in which passengers can leave their carry-on baggage before boarding the aircraft
CHECK RIDE - FAA an evaluation given to a crew member by a qualified FAA official
CHECK RIDE - QX an evaluation on board the aircraft given by an Inflight Training and Compliance Specialist or other member of the training dept to ensure the FA meets all safety related and company related standards
CEILING the distance from the ground to the base of the lowest cloud, measured in feet
CENTER OF GRAVITY (CG) the center of gravity of the aircraft depending on weight and balance loads
CHILD passenger between the ages of 2-13
CIRCUIT BREAKER a current limiting device (fuse) that can be reset
CLEARANCE the approval given for an airplane to fly the specified route in the flight plan
COMAIL company material usually shipped on company aircraft
CONCOURSE a large hallway which leads to the area where aircraft are parked for passenger boarding
COWLING the metal that encloses an engine
CREWMEMBER a qualified individual assigned by and air carrier for the performing of duties on an airplane
CREW SCHEDULING the department that handles scheduling of all crews
CRITICAL PHASE OF FLIGHT all ground operations involving taxi, takeoff, landing and all the other flight operations
CRUISING ALTITUDE the height of which an aircraft flies for the majority of flight after ascent and before descent
Created by: Modge17
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