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video terms

What is the media used to capture the video you record? Memory card
What is the part of the camera that you point toward what you want to record? Lens
Another word for the sound you capture when you record Audio
A paper outline used to organize your story storyboard
The program we use to edit video iMovie
A shot that is composed to include the whole scene Wide shot
This shot is good at capturing emotion Closeup
A shot has too much of this if a person is framed too low in the picture. Headroom
Giving the shot more space on whichever side the person being interviewed is talking Talking space
A device that holds that card that you record on card reader
When you shoot a series of shots that are all related to each other Sequence
A shot that connects to the Cutaway
The term used for the person reading the newscast Anchor
When you interview someone, what should be added to their interview when you are editing? Title
An interview cut shorter is called... Soundbite
A waist up shot is called a medium shot
This is an effect used between two clips and an example would be a dissolve transition
Another name for coffee Java
The highest earning movie currently in the movie theaters The Avengers
The name of a news story that includes narration, b-roll and interview and that stands on its own package
The written words you read from as you record your narration. script
The piece of metal that attached the camera to the tripod head plate
A popular social media site that most students are addicted to facebook
The name of the microphone you speak into when narrating. Snowball
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