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DTP Final Review

Spring 2012

Border around text or a selection stroke
Inside color of a shape, which can be a solid, pattern or gradient fill
Layout program of the Adobe Suite InDesign
Image program of the Adobe Suite Photoshop
Drawing program of the Adobe Suite Illustrator
Selection tool used to automatically select based on a common color Magic wand
Tool that lets you sample (pick) the color form an area of an image to designate a new color to use eyedropper
When you create text in Photoshop, it is automatically on a new Layer
Three selection tools include magic wand, lasso and Marquee
If your paint bucket won't fill a shape properly or fills the entire document, you might be clicked on the wrong Layer
If you can't find a palette (Like History, Layers), use this menu to find it Window
Retouch tool used to disguise a blemish or a scar by replacing it with clear skin clone stamp
You can pick new colors by clicking the foreground color box or by using this palette Swatches
If you need to take steps backward or undo, use this palette History
To remove a portion of an image so it is no longer on the layer Crop
Drop shadow, inner glow, and bevels are examples of layer styles
Saving in this format will maintain the layers and the layer styles separately PSD
Save in this format to save as a web or an image, all of the layers will be "glued down" JPG
To resize a graphic in a layer (bring up the handles) click the layer and then press CTRL + T or Check the transform controls
Multiply, soft light, hard light and normal are all examples of Blending Modes
Liquify, distort and blur are examples of filters
CRAP stands for: contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity
color, text, and size help create what design principle? Contrast
Invisible grids accomplish which design principle? Alignment
How do you increase interest in your design? Contrast
To rearrange layers, you just simply do this to them in the layers palette drag
If you lower opacity to zero, the layer will be Invisible
In order to have no fill on your text but an outline you need to: Add a stroke, reduce the fill to 0
To put a picture inside of a shape, put the picture on a layer above the shape and click this button while pointing between layers ALT
To put a picture inside of a shape, put the picture on a layer above the shape. This is called: Clipping Mask
To make a part of an image look 3D or pop off the page add this layer style Bevel
Use this tool to create a path to draw on Pen tool
To add a gradient inside letters just add this layer style gradient overlay
To add border around layers, add this layer style stroke
To remove a selection use this shortcut CTRL + D
To zoom in on your screen use this shortcut CTRL + plus (+)
To make a copy of an object use this shortcut ALT + click and drag
To remove boundary lines in InDesign use this shortcut W
If this has been done to text, the icon in front of the layer is no longer a T and the text is not editable Rasterize
The fx button is used to add Layer Styles
The foreground color is set to _____ by default Black
To make something a regular editable layer, so it is unlocked Double Click and click OK
The art or process of setting and arranging types and printing from them. Typography
Body Text for a research paper should be written in which typeface Serif
Titles and large pieces of text should be written in this typeface Sans Serif
Which type does not have strokes? Sans Serif
While you are working PSD should be in this mode _____>
Created by: Ms.Shah