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CIS Final 2012

Vocab Terms for CIS Final at MSU

ad hoc network two wireless devices that connect to each other directly
Firewall a device that blocks unauthorized access to a network
IP the default Linux protocol
Optical Network terminal used by fiber optic service
switch a device that connects multiple devices on a local area network(LAN)
VPN(virtual private network) creates a private network throught the public network
WAN(wide area network) network that spans multiple locations and connects mulitple LANS
WLAN wireless LAN, that uses wifi
Antivirus protection against viruses
Botnet Network of computer zombies controlled by a master
Ciphertext term for encrypted text
Cookie small text file placed on your computer when you visit a website
Cyberterrorism an unlawfull attack against computers or networks undertaken to intimidate
Strong Password uses letters, numbers, and symbols
Spyware a form of malware that secretly gathers personal information
Standard user account an account used for everyday computing
white-hat hackers or "sneakers" prevent future hacking, find holes in secruity systems
Worm form of malware that spreads over network connections without any human interaction
Data normalization reduced redundancy in a database
GIS(Geographical Information System) layers datasets that may include maps, imagery, and tables
Management Information System(MIS) icludes software, hardware, data resources, and decision systems
Multidimensional database optimized for storing and utilizing data, data warehouse
Object Oriented database where data is stored as objects
Office-Support System(OSS) has software and hardware that improve the productivity of employees
Query database object that retrieves specific data from one or more tables to answer a question
Record row of data in a database that describes a particular entry in the database
Report database object that displays that data from a table or a query in an easy to read and print format
SQL(Structured Query Language) most common query language, creates database queries
1GL first generation language, also known as mechine language
4GL Fouth Generation language, aften used to access a database
Algorithm a set of steps to solve a problem
Control structure used to show logic and processing flow
Fuzzy Logic answer questions that do not have a clear yes/no answer
Implementation phase of SDLC also known as the testing phase, phase 4
Planning phase of SDLC phase 1, done by someone who has interst in it and will be affected by the outcome
Platform-as-a Serive an online programming environment used to develop text and display custom applications
RAD(Rapid Application Development) an interactive development process that uses prototyping and user tesitng of the designs
Syntax errors type of error in the way the code was written
Created by: Taylor1001