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Greek Mythology

Why did Prometheus steel the fire from the sacred hearth? He wanted to help the cold mankind.
How did Zeus feel when he saw the fire flickering from the Earth? He was furious.
What were burnt offerings? Burnt offerings were peices or scraps of food that would be burnt and the smoke would be lifted up to the immortals. They loved the smell of burnt food and appreciated the nice act of generosity from the humans.
What is the sacred hearth? The sacred hearth was a hearth for the Gods and Godessess.
What is Prometheus? A titan.
What did trickery have to do with the story? Prometheus saw that the men were giving their best food offerings to the Gods so he decided to trick Zeus. he told them to chop up an ox and then give half to Zeus. But Zeus realized that they had tricked him.
What were the two things Prometheus did that were bad? 1.He stole sacred fire. 2.He taught mankind about trickery.
What was Prometheus`s consequences? He was chained to a mountain. Every day a bird would come and eat his liver. But he had an immortal liver so each night it would grow back and the next day he would suffer again.
What mountains were he chained to? Caucasus Mountains.
What kind of bird came and ate his liver? Eagle.
Created by: eisenha