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Sensorimotor skills

Normal development-Peds 0-12mos

1-2mos physiological flexion, practices flex/extension, gains increased head control, moves elbows fwd towards shoulders while prone, ATNR Diminishing grasp reflex, involuntary releases obj after briefly holding, no voluntary release abilities
3-5mos Fading ATNR/grasp reflex, increased balance between flex/extension positions, good head control, rolls s->p, some WB on legs when held proximally, props on arms with little support while seated, supports self on extended arms while in prone. constantly brings hands-mouth, begins tactile awareness in hands, reaches more accurately with 2 hands, palmar grasp, trfs obj from hand to hand, no control with releasing obj & may use mouth for assistance.
6mos Total head control, equilibrium reactions, assumes quadraped, rolls p-s, bounces while standing trfs obj hand to hand supine, shifts weight & reaches with 1 hand while prone, reaches with 1 hand & supports self with others while seated, reaches to be picked up, radial palmar grasp starts using thumb to grasp, visual interest in sm. objs/rakes them.
7-9mos Quadraped:shifts weight/reaches for obj, creeps, activities increased when seated, pull-stand with support, extension flexion/rotation mvmnts reaches with supination, uses index to poke, inferior scissor grasp for sm. objs, radual digital grasp to pick up cubes, boluntary release abilities
10-12mos Good coord while creeping, pull-stand with legs only, cruises with 1 hand support, stands (I), begins walk (I), equilibrium reaction with standing Superior pincer grasp, 3 jaw chuck, controlled release into lg containers.
13-18mos walks along, seldom falls, up/down stairs more precise grasping abilities, releases obj into sm containers.
19-24mos equilibrium reaction while walking, runs using more narrow base supports Finger to palm transition of sm obj
24-36mos Jumps in place snips with scissors, scribbles, shifts sm obj using palmar stabilization, dispalys complex rotation of sm obj, uses finger-finger/ finger-palm transition of sm obj.
0-1mos Lifts, rotates head;kicks symmetrically Opens/closes hand; may attempt reach
birth or 37-40wks of gestation Dominated by physiological flexion, moves entire body into extension, turns head side-side, head stays mostly to side while supine. Visually regards obj/people, fist/flex hands across chest during feeding, strong grasp reflex with no voluntary release abilities
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