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Nobel Prizes in Lit


1901 Sully Prudhomme
1907 Kipling
1909 Lagerlof
1921 France
1923 Yeats
1925 Shaw
1927 Bergson
1929 Mann
1930 Lewis
1932 Galsworthy
1934 Pirandello
1936 O'Neill
1938 Buck
1945 Mistral
1946 Hesse
1947 Gide
1948 Eliot
1949 Faulkner
1950 Russel
1953 Churchill
1954 Hemingway
1957 Camus
1958 Pasternak
1959 Quasimodo
1962 Steinbeck
1964 Sartre
1965 Sholokov
1968 Kawabata
1969 Beckett
1970 Solzhenitsyn
1971 Neruda
1972 Boll
1976 Bellow
1978 Singer
1982 Garcia-Marquez
1983 Golding
1986 Soyinka
1987 Brodsky
1988 Mahfouz
1990 Paz
1991 Gordimer
1992 Walcott
1993 Morrison
1994 Oe
1995 Heaney
1997 Fo
1998 Saramago
1999 Grass
2000 Xingjian
2001 Naipaul
2003 Coetzee
2005 Pinter
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