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Combining Form 101

abdomen, abdominal cavity abdomin/o
to rub away abras/o
a solution or substance with pH less than 7 acid/o
hearing acou/o
hearing acoust/o
extremity acr/o
gland aden/o
albumin (a protein) albumin/o
pain alges/o
air sac,alveolus alveol/o
amnion, amniotic fluid amni/o
amnion, amniotic fluid amnion/o
anus an/o
male andr/o
blood vessel angi/o
blood vessel andin/o
fused, not straight ankyl/o
front anteri/o
front anter/o
aorta aort/o
to hang onto, appendix append/o
spider arachn/o
artery arter/o
artery arteri/o
joint arthr/o
weakness asthen/o
incomplete atel/o
fat ather/o
atrium arti/o
hearing aud/o
hearing audi/o
ear aur/o
self aut/o
urea, nitrogen azot/o
bacteria bacter/o
bacteria bacteri/o
glans penis blan/o
life bi/o
bile bil/i
germ, bud, developing cell blast/o
eyelid blephar/o
arm brachi/o
airway, bronchus bronch/i
airway, bronchus bronch/o
purse or sac, bursa burs/o
calcium calc/i
cancer carcin/o
heart card/o
heart cardi/o
wrist carp/o
gristle, cartilage cartil/o
tail caud/o
blind intestine, cecum cec/o
hernia, protrusion cel/o
abdomen, abdominal cavity celi/o
small chamber cellul/o
head cephal/o
cerebellum, little brain cerebell/o
brain, cerebrum cerebr/o
cervix, neck cervic/o
lip cheil/o
chemistry chem/o
hand chir/o
bile, gall chol/e
common bile duct choledoch/o
gristle, cartilage chondr/o
gristle, cartilage chondri/o
membrane, chorion chori/o
color chrom/o
color chromat/o
time chron/o
orange cirrh/o
colon col/o
colon colon/o
vagina colp/o
dust con/i
knuckle of a joint condyl/o
to bind together, conjunctiva cunjunctiv/o
pupil cor/o
pupil core/o
horny, cornea corne/o
crown, circle, heart coron/o
tree bark, outer covering, cortex cortic/o
Created by: rjones8187