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WGU Literary Periods

Literary Periods for LCC1 TEst

Renaissance Period Praise Queen Elizabeth
Renaissance Period Individualism & Personal Growth
Renaissance Period Revisiting themes from Classical
Renaissance Period Pastoral Themes
Renaissance Period Ballad & Sonnets
Classical Period Mythology
Classical Period Gods/Godesses
Classical Period Accomplishment of Heroes
Classical Period Greece & Rome
Medieval Period Christian/Pagan
Medieval Period Good / Evil
Medieval Period Old English
Medieval Period Warrior Code
Medieval Period Chivilary & Bravery
Restoration/ Neo-Classical Wit & Satire
Restoration/ Neo-Classical Diadactic message
Restoration/ Neo-Classical Satire- Religion, Manners, Aristocracy
Colonial Period Enlightment
Colonial Period Slave Trade
Colonial Period Freedom of Religion
Colonial Period Native American/Colonial Relations
Colonial Period Sermons/ Histories
Post Modern Period Rejection of Tradition
Post Modern Period Experimentation
Post Modern Period Fragmentation
Post Modern Period Existential thoughts
Revolutionary Period Science & Reason
Revolutionary Period Social Mobility in New Nation
Revolutionary Period Idealism/Common Sense
Revolutionary Period Stories of Ordinary People & Communities
Revolutionary Period Women writers evolved
Revolutionary Period Non-Fiction (newspapers/periodicals)
Romantic Period Emotions/Led by Heart
Romantic Period Orientalism
Romantic Period Nature as Religious Experience
Romantic Period Interest in Super Natural
Romantic Period Gothic Novels
Romantic Period Sublime- great nobility
Modernist Period Experiementation with Literary forms
Modernist Period Works difficult to read
Modernist Period disconnected thoughts
Modernist Period Influenced by Freud
Modernist Period Stream of Consciousness
Modernist Period Surreal/Existentialism
Victorian/Realist Period Industrial Revolution
Victorian/Realist Period Life as it was- Poor & domestic
Victorian/Realist Period Role of Women-suffrage
Victorian/Realist Period Regionalism
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