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BPA Final

Business Problem Analysis

Data stored in a spreadsheet can be sorted. (T/F) True
Data stored in a spreadsheet can be graphed (T/F) True
There is only on kind of graph available in Excel. (T/F) False
The intersection of a row and column is called a cell. (T/F) True
If a spreadhseet displays 3/8/2006, it is defined as a value. (T/F) True
Data displayed in a spreadhseet cell can be centered. (T/F) True
Excel provides features for forecasting future values of data. (T/F) True
A single spreadhseet can support multiple charts. (T.F) True
IF functions can be "nested" (T.F) True
A spreadsheet formula requires one equal sign for each function in the formula. (T.F) False
If a spreadsheet cell displays 100, it is defined as a _______. value
The range B4:D7 represents a block of ______ cells. 12
If cell C5, defined as =B$3, is copied to cell F7, then F7 is defined as ___. =E$3
The cardinality of the set {3,4,5,6} 4
Set union is equivalent to the Boolean ___ operation. OR
Set intersection is equivalent to the Boolean __ operation. AND
Intelligence What needs to be looked at?
Design What is going to be decided
Choice What is the best choice?
Implementation Implement the choice
Monitor monitor the performance
In referring to storage size, K represents exactly one thousand. (T/F) False
A byte contains __ bits. 8
The language that made the World Wide Web possible is __. HTML
Which of the following represents the larger storage capacity? 1 gig
The standard code used to represent data in PCs is ___. None of the above.
In Access, a report can be generated using the ____ feature. report
In Acces, records can be selected based on attribute values using the ______ feature. report and query
The independent value goes on the _ axis. x
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