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access parts

test 3

ascending order data is sorted from lowest to highest (a-Z)
data type the predefined characteristics for data: date,text,number.
datasheet view shows the records in a table with the data visible. each row is a single record, each colom is a field
descending order displays data sorted from highest to lowest (Z-A)
design view a view used to define the information or format in a table form or report
filter a feature that allows you to hide information that does not match certain criteria for a field
form access object that provides a graphic interface to display and edit data from a table
properties a description of a field table
query an instruction that requests data from the table in a database
report a screen outpot tof data arranged in an order specified by the user
sort a feature that will arrange data in a table based on a specific order
status bar located at the bottomof the application window it shows the current view , allows you to switch views or configure options
tabbed document window displays the open objects in one window. the tabs select the object displayed the X in the right will close the object displayed
table a collection of related information stored as records and arranged in rows and colums
table properties allows you to add comments about a table. it also displays information such as the date the table was created and when it was last modified
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