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MedSurg Review Bones

Bones and end part of the study review

Another name for simple fracture is what? Closed
Define an open fracture: open and broken through the skin, exposed bone
An open fracture is at high risk for what? Infection
A type of fracture that means across the bone at a right angle is what? Transverse
What is an oblique fracture? A slanting direction fracture
What is a fracture that goes around? A spiral fracture
Define communuted fracture: 2 or more fragments
A segment of bone is fractured and detached, what type of fracture is that? Segmented
When talking about the location of a fracture, what is the term when talking about the part closest to the body? Proximal
What is the middle portion of the bone called? Midshaft
Define distal: the bone section farthest away from your body
When two edges of a fracture have moved out of alignment, it is considered what? A displacement
Define angulation: when edges are positioned but the fragments of the bone are not aligned
True or false: a fracture may be both displaced and angulated? True
Happens at the site of injury and is the first sign of a fracture: swelling
What will happen if there's a rupture to an artery or major venous supply? Blood pooling, bruising, discoloration
An impaired sensation such as numbness may be due to what? Nerve damage and swelling or compression
Three principles of fracture treatment: reset or realign, immobilization, and maintain function
What is the distal end of the stomach called? The pyloric sphincter
Another name for the LES is what? The cardiac sphincer
If the head of the pancreas is involved, what other factors should be considered? Cancer, common bile duct obstruction
Pancreatitis is what type of disease process? Autodigestion or self-digesting
What are the 3 phases of the surgical experience? Preop, Intra, Postop
When should you interview a patient with acute pancreatitis? After pain meds
Risk factors for gall stones: fat, female, fertile, fair skinned, over forty
How often should the CPM machine be used? 6-8 hours per day
What is MIS? Minimally invasive surgical procedure
Name a PPI: nexium, prilosec, prevacid, protonix
What med acts as a buffer by increasing the pH of the stomach? Antacids
Explain the role of a circulating nurse: non-sterile, does everything outside of the sterile field
Scrub nurse: sterile
Allergy to shellfish: nurse should avoid using dye
Retention sutures are used for: to retain the abdominal contents from coming out
What negative effect does smoking have on GERD? Causes the stomach to produce more acid
What is another name for an open amputation? A guillotine
What type of amputation is more common? Closed
Created by: Keller_KI