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Study Review MedSurg

The study review from Sarver-Med Surg: "Other questions"

What is a predisposing factor for latent cirrhosis? Alcohol abuse
What is the major cell of the liver? Hepatocrite
Which medication binds with ammonia and is excreted? Lactulose
Which drugs destroys ammonia in the gut? Neomycin
Which rises first, amylase or lipase? Amylase
Portal hypertension develops with what disease? Cirrhosis
What is the difference between compensated and decompensated cirrhosis? Compensated does not have symptoms because your body is covering it up, but the body can only compensate for so long until the cirrhosis becomes decompensated and symptoms start showing
How is ammonia normally excreted? Converted to urea to be excreted by the kidneys in the urine
Explain the difference between Lasix and Aldactone: Lasix makes you spill potassium (K+ wasting) but with Aldactone you do not (K+ sparing)
What are two major cellular bodies within the pancreas? Endocrine and exocrine glands
Whichi duct comes off of the gallbladder? The cystic duct
What does Buck's traction do? Immobilizes fractures of the hip and decreases muscle spasms
What is the main reason for join replacement surgery? Complaint of pain
Which two types of gallstones are there? Cholesterol and pigmented
What is a bougie procedure with GERD? Used to dilate the esophagus
What is the second most common reason for a visit to the doctor? Back pain
What is spinal stenosis caused by? Osteoarthritis
What is the recommended treatment for lower back pain or herniated discinitially? Rest with ice then apply heat
What is the difference between Achalasia and GERD? With GERD the LES is nonfunctioning or too relaxed. With Achalasia there is no peristalsis.
What is the most common cause of a spinal cord injury? Motor vehicle accidents
What is quadraplegia? Paralysis in all four extremities
Where do injuries causing paraplegia usually occur? Between T1-L4
Where would you expect pain with cholecystitis? RUQ and midepigastric region
What is the best way to facilitate breathing with someone who has ascites? High-fowlers
What position is more comforting to someone who has pancreatitis? Side-lying or fetal (knee-to-chest)
Which medication is given within 8 hours after a spinal cord injury to decrease inflammation? Prednisone or other steroid
Which disease process is debilitating however cognitive function is never lost? ALS =( sad disease, just saying
What medication can be used for a status epilepticus seiaure to correct it? Ativan or Valium
Which disease moves from the feet up the body? Guillain-barre
Created by: Keller_KI
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