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Techonology and Questions of Communication

un agenda electronigue PDA
allumer to turn on
une boite vocale voice mail
une connexion internet connection
se connecter to go online
en ligne online
envoyer un mail to send an email
eteindre to turn off
un fichier (joint) file (attatchment)
l'imformatique computer science
ligiciel software
un mot de passe password
une page d'accueil home page
planter to plant
etre plante to be down (computer system)
se planter to crash (computer)
un portable laptop
regarder son courrier to check one's email
un reseau network
un jeu en reseau online game
sauvegarder to save a file
le service d'identification do la ligne appelante caller ID
taper to type
telecharger to download
un tele-guicet virtual help window with internet access
un truc means "thing"
l'acces access
compliquer la vie to complicate life
faciliter to make easier
un inconvenient disadvantage
s'isoler to isolate oneself
se mefier de to be wary of
(la fragcture) numerique digital gap between ages
le pourriel spam
coexister to coexist
exiger to require
guérir to cure
menacer to threaten
prévenir to prevent
protéger to protect
Created by: trinitysoccer89