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AR CBA Units 6 and 7

Vocabulary terms for Arkansas CBA units 6 and 7

the file that an object is embedded in or linked to Destination/source file
a file that becomes part of the current file but is a separate object that can be edited using the application that created it Embedded file
the sharing or combining of data between applications Integration
placing a copy of an object or data in a destination file that will update when changes are made to the source file Linking
a feature that combines a data document with a main document to mass produce personalized letters or other documents Merge
transmission of messages and files using a computer network E-mail
a document generated by using a facsimile machine Fax
a vast network of computers linked to one another Internet
a compuer network that covers a small area Local Area Network (LAN)
computers that are connected to each other Network
computers that are connected and ready to receive and/or transmit data Online
the rules that must be observed for two electronic devices to communicate with each other Protocol
a comuter that is not connected to a network Stand alone
transmitting information and communicating electronically Telecommunications
Internet address that identifies hypertext documents Uniform Resource Locator (URL)
a system of computers that share information by means of links on web pages World Wide Web (WWW)
Created by: lindseymolly