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math dudes and bio

Stack #93398

developed the pythagorean therom pythagoras
puiblished first geo. text book Euclid
Developed pythagorean therom pythagoras
demostrated that there are only 5 regular sides Euclid
known for approximation of pi Archimedes
established the hindu-arabic numbers Fibonacci
inventor of logarithms Napier
Wrote Rabdologia napier
co founder of analytical geo. w/Fermat Des Cartes
Invented the Calculating machine Pascal
invented differential calculus Newton
developed integral calculus Newton
founder of pure mathematical analysis Euler
Coined the term " integral" Bernoulli
discover of exponential calculus Bernoulli
founder of non-Euclidean Geo. Gauss
founder of modern theory of numbers Gauss
wrote Principia Mathematica w/Whitehead Russel
wrote The Priniples of Mathematics Russel
wrote a Treatise on universal Algebra whitehead
known for Geodesic dome Fuller
develpoed the mathematical theory of cybernetics Wiener
founder of Microscopic antamoy Malpighi
Discovered how blood circulates in the human body Harvey
father of modern med. hippocrates
1st to observe cells Hooke
discovered bacteria Leeuwhenhoek
father of microbiology Leeuwhenhoek
invented drill for sowing Tull
classified all know plants and animals Linnaeus
Founder of Scientific Surgery Hunter
perfromed 1st vaccination against smallpox Jenner
Father of experimental surgery Hunter
wrote manual of Botanty of the Nothern US Gray
theory of evolution darwin
heredity experments w/peas Mendel
saved french slik and wine industry Pasteur
proved mosquitoes carried yellow fever Reed
discovered 4 types of human blood Landsteiner
discovered Penicillin Flemming
wrote the sea around us Carson
dicovered antibiotic streptomycin Woksman
wrote silent spring Carson
discovered structure of DNA watson and Crick
known for concern for ecoology Carson
Created by: eagle10