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8.9 observation

pathological tongue diagnosis- proper coating HB kim p.38

pale tongue = _____ deficiency type
red tongue = _____ heat syndrom
deep red tongue = _____ extreme heat
purple tongue = _____ blood stasis
pale tongue = _____ (def/ xs). what are the patterns = _____ , _____ deficiency type : cold syndrome caused by yang qi deficiency; Qi and blood deficiency
deep red tongue = _____ (pathogen). exogenous would be = _____ . endogenous would be = _____ invasion of the yin and blood levels by pathogenic heat; yin deficiency leading to fire
blue purple tongue = _____ . blood stasis due to cold or heat
deep blue-purple, dry and lusterless tongue = _____ . blood stasis due to heat
pale purple, moisttongue = _____ . blood stasis due to cold
purplish spots on the tongue surface = _____ . blood stasis
swollen tongue = _____ def / excess/ heat/ cold/ toxic) yang def, excessive heat, toxicosis
thin tongue = _____ (def/ excess). deficiency
cracked tongue = _____ (def / excess/ heat/ cold/ toxic) heat, yin deficincy or normal
thorny tongue = _____ (pathogen). heat
deviated tongue = _____ (pathogen).. wind (wind- stroke)
rigid tongue = _____ (def / excess) excess
flaccid tongue = _____ (def / excess). deficiency
swollen tongue + delicated in quality, pale in color, teethmarks = _____ . SP or KD yang def --> producin harmful water
swollen tongue + deep red in color, occupying the entire space of the mouth = _____ . excessive heat in the HT / SP
swollen tongue + blue purplish, dark = _____ . toxicosis
thin tongue + pale = _____ . QI and blood deficiency
thin tongue + deep red, dry = _____ . fire due to yin defidicency
cracked tongue + deep red = _____ . excess heat
cracked tongue + pale = _____ . blood deficiency
cracked tongue + not deep remain there all the time unchanged = _____ . normal
thorny tongue = _____ (pathogen), _____ (Int/ Ext) internal accumulation of pathogenic heat {the more severe pathogenic heat is, the more enlarged and profuse the thorns will be}
deviated tongue = _____ wind stroke or early threatening signs of wind- stroke
rigid tongue = _____ , _____ , _____ (exgenous) invasion of the PC by heat, retention of turbid phlegm in the interior, excessive pathogenic heat consuming body fluids
rigid tongue + = _____ (endogenous) wind-stroke or early sighns of wind-stroke
flaccid tongue = _____ (Qi, Yin , Blood def) extreme Qi and blood deficiency, consumption of yin fluids
flaccid tongue + pale = _____ Qi and blood deficiency,
flaccid tongue + deep red = _____ Yin collapse
thick tongue coating = _____ (deep/ superficial)progress, retention of _____ /_____ deep progress, restention of damp and food
thin tongue coating = _____ (deep/ superficial)progress, deficiency of _____ Qi superficial progress, deficiency of anti-pathogenic Qi
moist tongue coating with saliva dribbles = _____ / _____ harmful water and damp
dry tongue coating = consumption of _____ caused by _____ pattern and _____pattern fluid, excess heat or yin deficiency heat
sticky tongue coating = _____ (easy/ hard) to scrub out hard
granular tongue coating = _____ (easy/ hard) to scrub out easy
sticky tongue coating = _____ , _____ , _____ pathogen retention. food, damp, phlegm
granular tongue coating = (1) retention of _____ , _____ pathogen; (2)excess _____ bring _____ Qi up ward 1. phlegm or food retention, 2. excess yang heat bring ST Qi up ward
peeled tongue coating (geographic)= consumption of _____ & _____ ST qi and ST yin
peeled tongue coating (mirror)= exhaustion of _____ and devere damage of _____ ST yin and ST Qi
thin white coating = _____ and normal exterior cold
thick white coating = _____ interior cold
yellow tongue coating = _____ heat
the deeper yellow the coating is the more the severe pathogenic _____ is heat
grey tongue coating = interior _____ , _____ & _____ heat, cold, and damp
grey yellowish tongue and dry coating = _____ interior excess heat
grey tongue whitish and moist coating = _____ and _____ interior cold or damp
grey tongue coating can develop to greyish or _____ color black
black tongue coating = _____ interior condition extreme
black tongue coating = usually progression of _____ or _____ color grey or yellow
black tongue coating /w yellowish and dry, possibly with thorns = _____ extreme heat
black tongue coating /w pale and slippery = _____ excessive cold due to yang deficiency
Created by: jolingchang