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8.7 observation

pathological limb, skin, Luo-channel HB Kim p.37

limbs swelling = ? Damp Bi
limbs swelling with red and hot to touch = ? Damp heat Bi
pitting edema of hands = _______ LU yang deficiency
pitting edema of feet = _______ KD yang deficiency
pitting edema of the four limbs = _______ SP yang deficiency
edema of the four limbs dampness (damp-heat, damp-cold)
edema of the four limbs (non-pitting) Qi stagnation
acute edema of the hands and face = _______ wind-water invading LU
limb flaccidity = _______ , _______ , _______, _______ 4 organ disability. LU, KD, ST, SP
the possibility pattern of limb flaccidity _______ , _______ , _______ , _______ LU heat injuring body fluid (acute), SP/ST damp-heat, SP/ST deficiency, KD yin deficiency
the acute limbs rigidity = _______ pattern invasion of external wind
the possible organ related to limb rigidity = _______ , _______ , ______ LV, KD, SP
what are the LV pattern causing limbs rigidity = _______ , _______ , _______ LV wind, LV yang up raising, LV yin def
what are the KD pattern causing limbs rigidity = _______ , _______ KD yin deficiency, KD yang deficiency
what are the SP pattern causing limbs rigidity = _______ SP yang deficiency
rigidity accompanied by swelling and pain of joint are related to _______ pathogens. damp, phlegm
rigidity accompanied by pain n joints or muscles, worse at night = _______ pattern. blood stasis
limb paralysis is related to = _______ , _______ , _______, _______ 4 organ LV, KD, SP, ST
what are the the excess patterns : _______ , _______ , _______, _______ cause limb paralysis blood stasis, damp @ muscle, phlegm and internal wind in the channel.
what are the deficiency patterns : _______ , _______ , _______ cause limb paralysis. SP/ST deficiency, QI/blood deficiency, LV/KD yin deficiency
what are the reason cause limbs contraction: (1)____ invasion (acute), (2) ____ & ____ obstruction in the muscle, (3) ____(organ)____ (yin, yang, Qi, Blood)deficiency (1)invasion of wind (2)damp or heat injure fluid in the muscle (3) LV blood or LV yin deficiency
tremor of the hands : ____pathogen in ____ organ LV wind
tremor of the four limbs in the elderly : affected by (1)____ & ____ in the channel, (2)____(organ)____ (yin, yang, Qi, Blood)deficiency. (1) LV wind and phlegm affect the channel, (2)LV / KD yin deficiency
the most possible reason causes fine tremor in women : ____ LV wind deriving from lv blood deficiency
mild, fine tremor of the limbs : ____ general Qi and blood deficiency
spasticity : ____ level in warm - febrile disease-->depletes yin --> leading to ____ blood level, LV wind
thenar eminence = ____ organ ST
thenar eminence : bluish venules = ____ ST cold
thenar eminence : bluish and short venules = ____ empty pattern
thenar eminence : red venules = ____ ST heat
thenar eminence : purple venules = ____ ST blood stasis
dry skin LV blood deficiency
itchy skin wind
pitting emema KD yang def
non-pitting edema Qi stagnation
bright yellow skin yang jaundice from damp-heat
dull yellow skin yin jaundice from cold-damp
red venules heat in blood
purple venules blood stasis
green venules pain
blue venules cold in the blood
papules heat in the LU/ ST
vesicles dampness
macules blood level disharmony
red macules blood heat
purple macules blood stasis
bluish macules blood cold
greenish connecting channels = ? Qi stag. or pain
reddish connecting channels = ? heat in the channel
bluish connecting channels = ? cold in the channel
feeling of heat or cold along the connecting channels = ? retention of heat or cold respectively
muscle flaccidity along the connecting channels = ? deficienct condition : often seen in atrophy syndrome
muscle rigidity or hardness along the connecting channels = ? excess condition due to cold retention in the channel or to LV qi stagnation
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