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Chapter 17 Vocab Pt. 4

private IP address IP address that is used on a private TCP/IP network that is isolated from the internet
repeater a device that amplifies signals on a network so they can be transmitted further down the line
ring topology a network topology in which the nodes in a network form a ring
shielded twisted pair cable
star bus topology A LAN that uses a logical bus design, but with all devices connected to a central hub, making a physical star.
star ring topology A topology that is physically arranged in a star formation.
star topology a LAN in which all the devices are connected to a central hub
static IP address An IP address permanently assigned to a workstation.
subnet mask A group of four numbers (dotted decimal numbers) that tell TCP/IP if a remote computer is on the same or a different network.
switch operate at the data link layer and sometimes the network layer of the OSI Reference Model and therefore support any packet protocol.
TCP/IP the suite of communications protocols used to connect hosts on the Internet.
ThickNet Ethernet standard that operates 10 Mbps and uses thick coaxial cable up to 500 meters long.
ThinNet Ethernet standard that operates at 10 Mbps and uses small coaxial cable up to 200 meters long.
Token Ring An older LAN technology developed by IBM that transmits data at 4 Mbps or 16 Mbps.
Unshielded twisted pair cable a popular type of cable that consists of two unshielded wires twisted around each other.
WAN A computer network that spans a relatively large geographical area.
WiFi uses radio waves to provide wireless high
WINS a system that determines the IP address associated with a particular network computer.
wireless LAN A type of local
WPA that was designed to improve upon the security features of WEP.
WPA2 the follow on security method to WPA for wireless networks that provides stronger data protection and network access control. It provides enterprise and consumer Wi
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