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World Music (SP12)- China

Daoism Freeing one’s mind through the contemplation of nothingness, It has a keen sense of closeness with nature. Inward looking philosophy. Simplicity and a connection with the natural world.
Buddism Meditation & Inner Knowledge
Confucianism 1. Li -ritual,etiquette 2. Hsiao -love of family,parents & grandparents 3. Yi- righteousness 4. Xin- honesty & trustworthiness 5. Jen- benevolence, humanness,towards others 6. Chung- loyalty to the state
Music purposes 1. Entertainment 2. Enjoyment 3. Spiritual
Chinese 12 tones played one after another Lu
Western: 7-note scale Chinese: Heptatonic
Western: Pentatonic Chinese: 5-note scale
Pentatonic: Gongdiao Notes: c d e g a
Pentatonic: Shangdio Notes: c d f g b
Pentatonic: Juedio Notes: C e f a b
Pentatonic: Zidiao Notes: c d f g a
Pentatonic: Yudiao Notes: c e f g b
Chordophone: Zither (guqin) 1. 7 strings 2. Strings made from silk 3.can slide up and down the strings 4. can create harmonics know as fan yin
Aerophone: Xiao (bamboo flute) 1. Made of Bamboo 2. Small notch and the top of to blow air through as fingers cover the holes to change the pitch.
Idiophone: Gongs 1. They are hit in the center of the cymbal while the sound disperses 2. The most common ones are called yunluo
Dramas have been used in Chinese history for centuries. With the addition of to the dramas, China created a new style of music that rivaled the Europeans version. 1. Beijing Opera 2. Jingxi
Traditional Chinese Folk Ensembles Instrumentation 1. Idiophones 2. Chordophones 3. Aerophones
Ensemble Shizu
Created by: morena25