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CLinical Practic

Social Security act Social Insurance formed by government 1935
HMO act Encourage establishment of HMOs to meet basic medical services established 1973
Omnibus reconciliation Act Cuts spending for specific healthcare programs which includes nursing homes for facilities reciveing medicare/medicaid reimbursement
Preffered Provider organization managed care plan with independent providers that contracts for negociated discounts for services to plan members
2 reasons why CSD professionals must be concerned with infection prevention 1 working with high risk populations 2. increase virulence of communicable diseases
ASHA's statement on Home care: 3 components that SLP's and AUD's need to be familiar with 1. Safety/ Infection control 2. Reimbursement 3. Travel
3 factors needed to be analyzed for marketing? 1. YOur consumers 2. YOur competition 3. Other factors (legislation change, etc.)
Medicare/Medicaid established? 1965
AUD program is how many months 48
T or F: Auds must spend time doing income generating activities False
T or F: Acute care stablizes before treating False
T or F: Durability is more important that client appeal, multi-ethnic considerations, and adaptibility False
Children are diagnosed with autism at what age? 4.5
Who are missing the warning signs in child abuse wlefare agencies
2 categories grouped for NCLB waiver? All students and disadvantaged students
3 speakers Karla Flemming-hospital adults Michelle Lage - Autism clinic Heidi Boeltz - autism specialist
What is the Role of the SLP in healthcare Everything
What are general management duties? Reimbursement, professional education, professional practice, Quality Improvement, Productivity, Advocacy/marketing
What is ASHA's position on delivery of service in Home Care? 1. be familiar with service delivery components 2. Assume Roles and Responisbilities 3. Develop Knowledge and skills
What is a SOAP note used for? Progress Notes
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