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Chapter 17 #2

Chapter 17 stack 2

Default Gateway The gateway a computer on a network will use to access another network unless it knows to specifically use another gateway for quicker access to that network.
Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol(DHCP)Server
Domain Name System (DNS)
Domain Name A unique, text-based name that identifies a network. A fully qualified domain name is sometimes loosely called a domain name.
Dynamic IP An assigned IP address that is used for the current session only. When the session is terminated, the IP address is returned to the list of available addresses.
Fast Ethernetfiber Distributed Data Interface (FEDDI)
Fiber Optic Cable Cable that transmits signals as pulses of light over glass strands inside protected tubing.
Full Duplex Communication that happens in two directions at the same time.
Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) A host name and a domain name such as jsmith.amazon.com. Sometimes loosely referred to as a domain name.
Gateway A computer or other device that connects networks.
General Packet Radio Service (GPRS)
Gigabit Ethernet A version of Ethernet that supports rates of data transfer up to 1 gigabit per second.
Half Duplex Communication between two devices whereby transmission takes place in only one direction at a time. 1 4 1 2
Hardware Address A 48-bit hardware address unique to each NIC card or onboard network controller and assigned by the manufacturer. The address is often printed on the adapter as hexadecimal numbers. An example is 00 00 0C 08 2F 35. Also called a physical address, an
Host Any computer or other device on a network that has been assigned an IP address. Also called node.
Host Name A name that identifies a computer, printer, or other device on a network. The host name together with the domain name is called the fully qualified domain name.
Hosts File A file in the C:\Windows\System32\ drivers\etc folder that contains computer names and their associated IP addresses on the local network. The file has no file extension.
Hub A network device or box that provides a central location to connect cables and distributes incoming data packets to all other devices connected to it. Compare to switch.
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