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social studies

The Hindu word for caste? Jati
Namme for warrior class Kshatriyas
name of merchant class? Vaisyas
Name for the untouchables Dalit
Another name for class Varnas
name for servant class Sudras
The rules of the caste system The Manu
name for the preist class Bramin
The cycle of life death rebierth Samsara
Being one with Braman Moksha
The sum of all your good and bad actions Karma
how did indias goverment help the untouchables -Laws against descrimenation -tried to intermingle with other castes -gave the Dalits a say in law making
What says the Dalits should be treated differently? -the vendas (Rig-veda) -within the vendas are the laws of Manu -the caste system is described -teachings of religions
reasons for reincarnation for the persons soul(atman) to learn all they need to in order to achieve Moksha
reincarnation when your soul is born into a new life
Created by: Bella.Luna