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Midterm MP3

regulates anterior and posterior yin, meeting point of ren, Du and Chong, drains damp heat, calms the spirit REN 1
Benefits urination, regulates lower jiao, warms and invigorates the kidney REN 2
Front Mu of bladder, benefits the bladder, drains dampness and treats leucorrhea, benefits the uterus and regulates menstruation, dispels stagn in lower jiao, fortifies Kd, treats running piglet syndrome, meeting pt of SP, LV, KD, REN Ren3
Front Mu of SI, SP, KD, LV, REN hui point, REN 4
Fortifies original Qi, benefits the essence, nourishes Yin, Yang, bld and Qi, tonfies and nourishes Kd, warms and fortifies SP, regulates SI, benefits uterus assists conception, regualtes lower Jiao, restores collapse, rrots the hun REN4
Front Mu of San Jiao Ren5
Which point best nourishes blood? Ren 4
Which point is best for acute neck pain Luo Zhen
Which point is the master point, influential point for QI Ren 17 (Hui meeting of QI, Sea of Qi
Which is the best point for Hemorrhoids? Erbai
Which point treats an acute asthma attack Ding Chuan
Which point calms the mind? Yin Tang
Which point may help with pancreatic function? Weiguanxiashu
Which point can help treat gallbladder inflammation? Dangnanxue
Which point is best for treating insomnia Anmian
Which point can help with nasal congestion? Bitong
If a person is having problems with nerve pain and the pain follows the path of the nerve(as demonstrated by the dermatome), which would be the best treatment? Huatoujiaji
Which point is the best point for treating female reproductive systems? Zigong
Match the following: Front Mu of Pericardium, Front Mu of SI, Front Mu of San Jiao, Front Mu of Heart, Front Mu of UB Ren17, Ren4, Ren5, Ren14, Ren3,
Which etra point can b e used to treat acute low back pain? Yaotongxue
Which point is used to treat itching all over the body? Baichongwo
Which points CAN be used to treat back pain Yaotongzue, Yaoyan
Which point can treat food stagnation/indegestion? Ren10
Match points: Poor circulation in hands, Poor circulation in feet, Revive Consciousness and drains heat, Treats childhood nutritional impairment due to weak spleen. Baxie, Bafeng, Shi Xuan, Sifeng
Which 2 points treat running piglet syndrome? Ren 3& 4
Which point treats gynecological problems due to an imbalance between the ren and chong channels Ren7
Ren 8 can be used to tonify which of the following? Kd Yang
Which technique is used on Ren8 Moxa
Which point treats eye problems? QuiHou
Which point can be used to treat problems of the anterior shoulder Jianqian
Which point can be used to treat the knee? Heding and Xiyan
Which point treats problems of wind /neurological problems on the face? Jia chengjiang
LV Yuan Src LV3
LV Luo LV5
Liver ying spring LV2
Which point is the Xicleft of the LV LV6
Which is the front mu of the liver? LV14
Nourishes blood and yin, clears damp heat from lower jiao, invigorates the blood and benefits the uterus, knee pain LV8
Harmonizes the liver and stomach to treat nausea or vomiting, cools the blood to treat uterine bleeding, spreads the liver and regulates the qi, invigorates blood and disperses masses LV14
Adjust menstruation and regulates the lower jiao for such problems as irregular menstruation, difficulty urination, enuresis LV9
Harmonizes the liver and sp to treat IBS, fortifies SP to treat to treat diarrhea, or limb fatigue or weakness, regulates the middle and lower jiao to treat constipation LV13
expels cold from the channel clears the head and eyes, regulates menstruation, spreads lv qi, subdues liver yang and extinguishes wind, nourishes liver blood and liver yin LV3
Spreads liver, regulates qi and benefits the genitals, clears dampness and heat in the lower jiao, regulates menstruation LV5
regulates qi in lower jiao, treats shan disorders and alleviates pain, benefits the genitals, and adjusts urination, regualtes liver qi and stops menstrual bleeding. LV1
Clears liver fire, spreads liver qi, pacifies wind, clears heat and stops bleeding LV2
strengthens the original Qi, moves and benefits water passages, regualtes qi and alleviates pain Ren5
Foster yuan qi, tonfies qi, tonifies KD and fortifies Yang, rescues collapse of Qi, regulates qi and harmonizes blood Ren6
Hui of Ren and Chong ren7
regulates menses, nourishes yin n bld Ren7
warms yang, rescues collapse, warms and harmonizes the intestines Ren8
regulates water passages, treats edema, harmonizes intestines and dispels accumulation Ren9
Harmonizes the St, regulates Qi, dispels food stgn Ren10
Harmonizes the middle jiao and regulates Qi Ren11
Front Mu of st, meeting pt of fu organs, descends rebellion Ren12
Regulates the heart, alleviates vomiting REn13
Front Mu of the Heart Ren14
regulates heart, descends lu qi, unbinds chest, transforms phlegm, calms the spirit Ren14
Luo Connectiong Point for ren Ren15
regulates heart,unbinds chest, calms spirit Ren15
unbinds the chest, regualtes the ST, descends rebellion Ren16
Front Mu of Pericardium Ren17
Hui point of Qi, Sea of Qi Ren17
Benefits Qi, gathering Qi, regulates Qi, benefits breast and lactation, descends rebellion of lu and st Ren17
unbinds chest, descends and regulates Qi Ren18/Ren19/ren20
descends st qi, dispels food accumulation, unbinds the chest and descends lu, benefits the throat Ren21
window of heaven pt Ren22
descends rebellious qi and alleviates cough and wheezing, benefits throat and voice, resolves phlegm, clears heat Ren22
benefits the tongue, regulates fluid in the mouth, descends qi and alleviates cough Ren23
Extinguishes wind and benefits the face, regulates the ren vessel, regulates fluid production in the mouth Ren24
calms the shen, pacifies wind, external wind, stops convulsions, benefits the nose Yintang
Calms the spirit Bipolar Syndrome, insomnia Stimulates brain Surrounds DU 20 – sea of marrow point, improves memory Pacifies wind Headache, windstroke, epilepsy Benefits the eyes and ears Shishencong
benefits the eyes, relaxes the sinews, alleviates pain, Yuyao
Eliminates wind and clears heat, reduces swelling and stops pain, activates the channel and alleviates pain. can be bled Taiyang
clears heat and dissipates swelling, benefits the eyes and throat, mumps, sore throat Erjian
Benefits the nose, rhinitis, sinusitis, nose stuff Bitong
transforms phlegm and dissipates nodules, stops cough, clams dyspnoea, activates the qi and alleviates pain Bailao
calms the spirit and pacifies the liver, treats insomnia Anmian
calms dyspnea and wheezing, stops cough, expels exterior, acute asthma Dingchuan
clear heat and generates fluids, Xiao Ke, treats pancreatic problems Weiguanxiashu
Benefits the lumbar region, strengthens the kd Yaoyan
tonifies the kd and promotes urination, activates the channel and alleviates pain Shiqizhuxia
regulates and harmonizes the 5 Zang, siz Fu Huatoujiaji
tonifies and warms original qi, tonifies the kd, calms the fetus, raises/regulates qi, infertility, female jing reserve Zigong
raises and regulates the qi, prolapse of uterus Tituo
opens portals, clears heat, revives consciousness, pacifies wind Shixuan
fortifies the sp and dissipates accumulation, treats childhood digestive disorders, technique is prick and squeeze few drops of a clear yellow fluid Sifeng
clears heat and dissipates swelling, bi syndrome in hands Baxie
Clears heat and dissipates swelling, malaria, dysmennorrhea with LV2,GB43 Bafeng
invigorates qi and blood in the lumbar region, acute lumbar sprain yaotongxue
Invigorates qi and blood in neck region, acute stiffness of neck Luozhen
treats hemorrhoids, prolapse of the anus Erbai
Moxa only, transforms phlegm, dissipates swelling, scrofula Zhoujian
activates qi and blood, benefits the shoulder joint, numbness of shoulder Jianqian
clears heat from blood, eliminates wind and drains dampness, itching wind rash, baichongwo
activates qi and blood, benefits the knee joint Heding
dispels wind damp, reduces swelling, alleviates pain, knee disorders Xiyan
right leg only, activates qi and blood, clears heat and fire poison from LI, acute and chronic appendicitis Lanweixue
Clears heat and drains damp, acute cholecystitis Dannangxue
benefits the eyes, Qiuhou
Meeting point of LV and GB channels LV13
Meeting point of LV, SP and Yin we mai channels LV14
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