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OTA 130 Final Exam 2

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS),Wheelchair,Screen magnifiers,Augmentative Communicator,Braille,Foot operated mouse,Switch accessible devices,Standing frame,Swivel spoon Assitive Technology
How is assistive technology obtained by the client? Who pays for it? Medicare/Medicaid, Third party insurance, client
What local program can you borrow items from or refer clients to who have assistive technology needs? How is it funded? North Carolina Assistive Technology Program. State funded
No hands on person. Observing only but standing close to intervene if necessary. Client could also need verbal cuing and set-up Supervision
No hands on actual person. More proximal to person than during simply supervision Standby Assist
Making body contact but providing no assistance Contact Guard Assist
patient can provide 75 % assistance or less Min Assist
Patient can expend 50 -74% of energy Mod Assist
Patient can expend 25 – 49% of energy Max Assist
Patient can expend > 25% Total Assistance or Dependent
requires assistive devices Modified Independent
Bed mobility – what is the proper way for a client to transfer from supine to sitting edge of bed? Have patient roll into a side-lying position 2. Bring patient’s feet pff the edge of the bed 3. Stabilize LE 4. Shift the patient’s body to an upright sitting position 5. Place patient’s hands on the bed at the sides of their body to maintain balance
Transfer used for hemiplegia, hemiparesis, general loss of strength or balance Stand Pivot
Transfer used for NWB, paralysis, spinal cord injury, amputee Slide board
Transfer used for anyone who needs to get in a car Car Transfer
Transfer used for Squat Pivot
What is the proper way to instruct a client with hip precautions to stand up from a chair? Move your operated leg forward and push off the arm rests of the chair to stand up. Once you have your balance, reach for the walker
What is the proper way to instruct a client with hip precautions to sit down? When you sit down, back up until you feel the bed or chair against your legs. Reach back for the bed or armrests of the chair and slide your operated leg straight out in front of you. Don’t lean forward as you sit!
also known as a head rush or a dizzy spell is a form of hypotension in which a person's blood pressure suddenly falls when the person stands up or stretches. They could pass out or fall during a transfer Orthostatic Hypertension
What do you do if your patient transfers sitting edge of bed to stand and feels dizzy? Lay them back down on the bed very slowly
Why do we use gait belts during all transfers? For the safety of the therapist and client
What other type of equipment do we use for transfers? Why and who would we use it with? Hoyer or other mechanical lift (?) Used when the client is very large or requires total assistance
What side should you teach a CVA patient to transfer to? Why? Both sides. So they can do either side once at home, and not to favor any side and cause later imbalance or favoring
How do you transfer a client with a CVA onto a tub bench? The transfer tub bench extends beyond the side of the tub. Lift pt using normal transfer precautions to sit on edge of tub bench. making sure to tuck arm into body and support to max safety. Allow other UE to assist in transfer and weight shift
If you are using a transfer board and a bare bottom, what must you do to prevent skin sheer or tear? Use towels
What do you do with the footrests of a wheelchair before a transfer? Take them off the wheel chair and place them out of the way
transport elevating leg rest, high back,reclining high back,sports,CP reclining, stroller type ,low back standard,SCI- (low back, high back,self propel negative tilt) Manual Wheelchairs
Power Wheelchairs
worse turning radius, highest speeds 6 rmps, can tip backwards going up steep hill difficulty with electronics for higher level pts Rearwheel wheelchairs
better on rough terrain fishtails at high speeds supports electronics for high level pts Front wheel wheelchairs
tightest turning radius, slowest of power chairs, supports electronics for high level pts Midwheel wheelchairs
What is a pro and con of a scooter? PRO: portability, perception of use, basket CON:requires strength to use, less maneuverable, no support, can tip over
Name one way to drive a power chair without the use of an UE. Who would use this? Switch-operated
What is the #1 rule of wheelchair safety? brakes should be locked during all transfers
Review the types of wheelchair cushions Air, foam, gel
What is the primary purpose of the tilt option on a power wheelchair? Pressure relief for prevention of ulcers
What is the primary purpose of the recline option on a power wheelchair? Positioning (ie hip precautions)
Why is a mirror over a stove helpful for a person in a wheelchair? Go to the OTA kitchen and sit in a chair close to the stove. Place a pot on the stove and think about cooking spaghetti or pancakes It is so you can see what you are cooking it gives you a birds eye view
What is the minimum required space in a public restroom to ensure a wheelchair can turn? 36"of clear for forward movement, 5' diameter circle or T- Shaped area to turn around
What is the other option for turning around a wheelchair? T- Shaped area to turn around
What is the minimum door width per ADA? 36"
What is the maximum height for a door handle per the ADA? 48"
Where are service animals allowed? anywhere the individual/owner of the dog can go
What must hospitals do for visitors or patients who are deaf or hard of hearing? must provide effective means of communication for deaf or hard of hearing can include written notes or pointing for simple communication (must call interpreter)
Why do we have lever handles on public access doors? people with decreased grip strength can use fist to open and close door
joint motion and muscle shortens(with or without resistance)-uses muscle contraction against a specific amount of weight to move the load through a certain ROM weights, springs,slings, bands, sandbags, or special devices- ie. lifting a fork to mouth Isotonic
no joint motion occurs, the muscle length remains same-the limb is set or held taut as agonist and antagonist muscles are contracted ata point in the ROM to stabilize the joint.- ie. holding a shopping bag around your forearm Isometric
when muscles contract the tension in the muscle increases or remains constant as the muscle lengthens. ie. a controlled return of a pail of sand lifted from the ground Eccentric
What specific exercise(s) would you recommend for someone with shoulder weakness? Isotonic exercises such as TheraBand- place one end of TB under left foot other end in right hand. using shoulder flexion lift TB with R hand , hold 2 lb weights in hand using shoulder extension take weights behind back increase reps (1-3 sets of 12)
What specific UE exercise(s) would you recommend to help someone get up from a chair? Have pt sit on bed or mat and scooch across the bed lifting only a little each time but going all the way around the bed then going back
If your client has muscle grade 4 for biceps and 3 for triceps, what exercises would you recommend? Isometric exercises with resistance such as holding dumbbells in pronation hold for a 5-6 count and then lower
If your client had muscle grade 3 for wrist extension, what exercise would you recommend? latch hooking to provide active resistive exercise to the wrist extensors
Your client needs to increase Bilateral grip strength. What is a functional task you can have your client work on? Have pt make a theraputty or playdough snake by sqeezing material bilaterally. Then use isometric exercises such a grip theraputty doing same activity- grade by increasing stiffness and holding the pressure for 5-6 seconds
List 5 specific functional tasks you can have a client use to improve fine motor skills kneading and/or pinching dough using whole hand and each finger , buttoning and unbuttoning shirt,putting pegs in and out of pedboard, clothes pin, jigsaw puzzle
What are five principles of energy conservation? Attitudes and emotions, body mechanics, work pace, leisure time, work methods, organization
What is work simplification? List 5 examples making of daily tasks easier in order to reduce strain, or to decrease the amount energy required to complete an activity. EX: using frozen vegetables in recipes instead of cutting fresh
What are three safety modifications for the bathroom? grab bars, transfer tub bench, raised toilet seat
What are two things to do in the kitchen to encourage energy conservation? use lightweight pots and pans, use convenience or prepared foods
What are two things to do during ADLs to encourage energy conservation? sit while bathing, use long straw with weighted cup for drinking
What are three purposes of splinting? immobilize, mobilize, protect a body part
Name two kinds of splints low-temperature thermoplastics and soft splints
What splint would you recommend for carpel tunnel syndrome? Radial bar wrist cock-up splint
What splint would you recommend for thumb support or immobilization? short opponens
Created by: NCBuckeye11
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