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words for dd

dies drear

gyrfalcon largest falcon in its species
agile able to move quickly and easily
hyperdermic region immediatly beneath the skin
vestibule hall or lobby next to the outdoor exit
crest falllen sad dissapointed
garret top floor or attic
opaque not transparent
bellows a kind with two handles for blowing air into a fire.
hoe cake a cornmeal flat bread. A.K.A cornmeal pankake
spry busy
flourish to grow well
spew to come out in large quanities
resin sap from a tree
gable a vertical triangular end of a building
specter a visible dismembered spirit
peeved resentful
whittle to cut and shape a piece of wood
bemused to cause or be bewildered
chicory a plant used in salads
boughs a large tree branch
Created by: bobthecat