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When and where were you born? June 10, 1922 in Grand Rapids, Minnesota
Who were your parents? Frank and Ethel Gumm
Did you have siblings? If so, how many and what were their names and ages? Yes.Two.Susie and Jimmie;both were older.
Were you married? Yes. Five times.
What were your spouses' names? 1.David Rose 2.Vincent Minneli 3.SId Luft 4.Mark Herron 5.Mickey Deans
When did you become notorious? The year of 1939.
How did you become notorious? Acting in many movies, such as the Wizard of Oz
Who were some of your friends? I cannot name many of my friends.
Did you have any enemies? If so, who were they? Also, I cannot name many of my enemies.
Where did you live? I lived in Minnesota until 1926, and then moved to California.
Did you ahve any children? If so, who were they? My childrens' names were Liza, Lorna, and Joey.
What was your favorite food? I didn't really have a favorite food.
What were some of your hobbies? Some of my hobbies were singing, acting, and playing with m son and daughters.
Who was your hero or someone you looked up to and admired? I looked up to my mother.
Something you might not know about me: My nickname was changed from "Baby" to Judy.
Favorite Book/Song/Movie? Songs were "Get Happy" and The Trolly Song".
What was your occupation? I was a singer and an actress.
What was your biggest fear? My biggest fear was death of my loved ones or myself.
Who influenced your life the most? My father influenced my life the most, but died of spinal meningitis.
Are you alive? If not ,where is your grave located? Greater London, England
Created by: Harleigh Rapp