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Jennie Finch


When were you born? Where were you born? I was born on September 3rd , 1980 in La Miranda, CA
Who were your parents? My parents were Doug and Beverly Finch
Did you have any siblings? If so, how many and what were their names? I had two siblings their names were Landon and Shane they were both older than me
Were you married? Yes
What was your spouse's name? His name is Casey
When did you become a legend? 2004 summer olympics
How did you become a legend? I won a gold metal as a picher for the team USA
Are you still alive? If not where is your grave located? Yes, I am still alive
Who were some of your friends? My teamates were my friends and they were like my only sisters
Did you have any enemies? If so, who? I don’t have any enemies but my biggest rival was Japan when I played softball for USA in the 2004 Olympics
Where did you live? I live in Tucson, Arizona
Did you have any children? If so, what were their names? I have two children Ace and Diesel
What was your favorite food? My favorite food is Cajun food
What was some of your hobbies? some of my hobbies were shopping, softball, and basketball
Who is your hero? my father/dad is my hero
Something you might not know about me? I have loved baseball ever since I was little
Favorite movie? A league of their own
What is your occupation? My occupation is softball
What is your biggest weakness? My biggest weakness/fear was being busy
Who influenced you the most? my family influenced me the most
Created by: LaikenCussimanio