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tone words

alliteration repeating conson susie sells seashells by the seashore
antonymns words that mean the opposite
opinion a statement that expresses feeling about something
dictionary words and definitions
infer prediction answers are not clear
setting place and time of story
tone what the author wants you to feel
glossary terms and definitions located in the back of the book
evidence statements that back up the answers a way to prove answers
synoynms words that mean the same
conflict problem
idoms quite as a mousem, raining cats and dogs
plot what the story is about events in order
forshadowing looking back in time
main idea what the artical or story is about
details describes looks or feelings
table of contents chapters and page numbers in the front of book
point of view first person third person how story is told second person
personification giving human characterists to animal, vegetable anything not human
almanac book of fact
similes use like or as to compare
altas maps
onomatopoeia sounds buzzzzzzzing bees
index terms and page numbers in the back of the book
theme lesson or mainpoint
mood what you feel as you read
fact a statement that can be proven
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