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dies drear vocab


opaque not letting light through
cloven past particular
floureish to go well
hypodermic relating to
vestibule a small hall which one enters that no longer exists
bellows a device that blows air when its sides are squessed together
spector a ghost or phntom
hoecake a thin cake made of corn bread
bemused to be lost in thought
chicory a plant,cichorium intybus,which us.u
garret a room on the top floor of the house,typicaly right under a slopiry roof
crest fallen dispirited,depressed
spry briskly active
spew to send or force out in or as in a strem
resin to assume a standing position after lying,sitting or knelling
gable the general triangular part of the roof
gyrfalcon a large falcon that lives in the artic region
bough a tree branch
agile charicterized by quikness,lightness,and ease movement
peeved to cause to be annoyeg or resentful
whittle to cut small bits or pare shaving a piece of wood
Created by: jacob12