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Physiology I

Resistance to Infection - Test 1

What is another name for a white blood cell? Leukocyte
List the granulocytes: BEN - Basophil, Eosinophil, Neutrophil
List the agranulocytes: Monocyte, Lymphocyte
List the WBC's from most to least: Neutrophil, Lymphocyte, Monocyte, Eosinophil, Basophil (Remember, Never Let Monkeys Eat Bananas)
What is a stab or band neutrophil? An immature neutrophil
What is another name for the neutrophil? Polymorphonuclear Neutrophil
An eyeglass or bumbell shape neutrophil is an indicator of a serious problem, True or False? True, if the nuetrophil has less than 3 segments than there is a serious problem
Which type of WBC is formed in both bone marrow and in lymph tissue? Lymphocytes
True or False, all of the WBC's are formed in the bone marrow? True, but lymphocytes are formed in lymph tissue as well.
So what else is formed in lymph tissue other than Lymphocytes? Plasma cells
Without any white blood cells, how fast would you receive an infection? 2 Days
How does white blood cells destroy invading agents? Phagocytosis
What color are eosinophils? Red / Orange
What is the primary responder to allergies? Secondary reponder? 1. Eosinophils 2. Basophils
Other than allergies what else does eosinophils respond to? Parasites
What type of parasite can be contracted form little kids scratching their butts before they sit down at the dinner table? Pin Worms
What acts like a mast cell? Basophil
Basophils release: 1. Heparin - anticoagulant & vasodilator 2. Bradykinin - vasodilator 3. Serotonin - Vasodilator
Which agranulocyte has a horse shoe shaped nucleus? Monocyte
Which is the most powerful phagocyte? Monocyte, It can phagocytize 100 bacteria and can engulf whole particles.
What is the moncyte found in skin? Langerhan cell
What is the moncyte found in the liver? Kuppfer Cell
What is the moncyte found in bone marrow? Osteoclast
Lymphocytes elevate with viral infections and _________? Stress
What is associted with Humural Immunity? B Cell and Plasma Cells
What is associted with Cell Mediated Immunity? T Cells
What is the lifespan of a granulocyte? 4-8 Hours in blood, 4-5 days in tissue
What is the lifespan of a monocyte? 10-20 Hours in blood, months - years in tissue
Platelets are replaced every ______? 10 Days
What is the lifespan of lymphocytes? Weeks - Years
Neutrophils enter tissue via: 1. Margination 2. Diapedesis 3. Ameboid Motion 4. Chemotaxis
What is chemotaxis? A chemical signal draws cells toward an inflamed tissue
What is the most important function of macrophages and neutrophils? Phagocytosis
What is another name for the monocyte-macrophage system? Reticluloendothelial System
What type of macrophages are found in the lungs? Alveolar Macrophage
What is inflammation? Increased blood flow that occurs w/ tissue damage
What is the most common cause of inflammation? Elevated Blood Glucose
Acute inflammation is normal whereas chronic inflammation can lead to what? atherosclerosis
What vasodilators aid in swelling? 1. Histamine 2. Bradykinin 3. Serotonin 4. Prostaglandins 5. Complement System 6. Blood Clotting System
Which white blood cell is primarily responsible for tissue repair? Monocyte
Neutrophils, Monocytes, and Eosinophils are phagocytes, True or False? True
Which agranulocyte releases interleukin-1? Moncytes
What does interleukin-1 do? Stimulates Bone Marrow
Which white blood cell is least abundant? Basophil
What is the most likely cause of an elevated lymphocyte count? viral infection
What is the most likely cause of an elevated neutrophil count? Bacterial Infection
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