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Art Appreciation

What is the result of an implement running over a surface and leaving some trace of a gesture? This is the most basic of all art Forms. Drawing.
The surface or __________, of a drawing is usually, although not always, two dimentional. Support
Most often the support is _______________ paper or parchment, although drawings can be made on any number of surfaces. Monochromatic
The dry mediums used in drawing include..... Silverpoint, pencil, charcoal, chalk, pastel, wax crayon.
_______ Is one of the oldest drawing mediums and was widely from the late Middle ages to the early 1500's. Silverpoint
A pencil consists of a thin rod of ______ encased within wood or paper. Graphite.
The surface character of materials as experienced by the sense of touch. Texture
The Sketch of something. Rembrandt
The application of a pigment to a surface. A work of art created in this manner. Painting
A form of carbon produced partially by burning wood or other organic matter; it can be used as a drawing implement. Charcoal
Originally a preparatory drawing made for a fresco, usually drawn on paper and scaled to size. Cartoon
A true Fresco, executed on damp lime plaster. Buon Fresco
A kind of painting in which pigments are mixed with casein, size, or egg- to create a dull finish. Tempera
A paint in which pigments are combined with a synthetic plastic medium that is durable, water soluble, and quick drying. Acrylic Paint
A paint with a water medium. These are usually made by mixing pigments with a gum binder and thinning the mixture with water. Watercolor
Watercolor paint that is made opaque by mixing pigments with a gum binder. Gouache
Plaster of Paris that is applied to a wooden or canvas support and used as a surface for painting or material for a sculpture. Gesso
Paint in which pigments are combined with an oil medium. Oil Paints
To apply thin sheets of gold leaf or gold like substance to a surface. Gild
Monochromatic Paints are 1 Color
The materials and methods used to create an image or object in drawing, painting, sculpture, and other art forms. Medium
A material that Binds substances together. Binder.
The groos exaggeration or distortion of natural features for the purpose of benign or malevolent satire. Caricature
A thin, watery film of paint, especially watercolor, applied with even, sweeping movements of the brush. Wash
What did the Artist "Giotto" make? Lamentation a Fresco
What drawing did Claudio Bravo make? Package (Charcoal, pastel, and sanguine.)
What drawing did Dr. Seuss make? Cages cost money! Buy more US Savings Bonds and Stamps.
What painting did Gilbert Stuart make? George Washington
What painting did Roy Lichtenstein make? George Washington.
What painting did Roger Shimomura make? Untitled but could be Superheros: East meets West.
Ralph Going made _______? Rock Ola
Miriam Shapiro made the.... Maid of Honour.
Created by: SavannahG