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Bien Dit Ch 4 Gr 1

-re, and -ger & -cer verbs

attendre to wait
entendre to hear
perdre to lose
répondre (à) to answer
vendre to sell
rendre to return (something)
rendre visite à to visit (someone)
j'attends I wait
tu attends You wait
il/elle/on attend He/she/one waits
nous attendons We wait
vous attendez You wait (plural/formal)
ils/elles attendent They wait
manger to eat
échanger to exchange
corriger to correct
déranger to disturb
encourager to encourage
voyager to travel
nager to swim
je mange I eat
tu manges you eat
il/elle/on mange he/she/one eats
nous mangeons we eat
vous mangez you eat (plural/formal)
ils/elles mangent they eat
commencer to begin, to start
placer to place, put
prononcer to pronounce
remplacer to replace
avancer to go forward
lancer to throw
je commence I begin
tu commences you begin
il/elle/on commence he/she/one begins
nous commençons we begin
vous commencez you begin (plural/formal)
ils/elles commencent they begin
Created by: mcharchar