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Network +, CMD

Commands and What they accomplish

tracert Used to track the path a packet takes as it travels across a network (Windows)
traceroute Used to track the path a packet takes as it travels across a network (Linux, Unix, Mac's)
ping Used to test connectivity between two devices on a Network.
arp ping Uses ARP to test connectivity between systems rather than using Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), as done with regular ping
netstat Used to view the current TCP/IP connections on a system
nbtstat Used to view statistics relates to NetBIOS name resolution and to see information about the current NetBIOS over TCP/IP connections.
ipconfig Used to view and renew TCP/IP configuration(Windows)
ifconfig Used to view and renew TCP/IP configuration (Linux, UNIX, Mac's)
nslookup Used to perform manual DNS lookups. Can also do a reverse look up. ex. IP to Hostname (all OS's)
dig Used to perform manual DNS lookups. (Linux, Unix, Mac's)
host Used to perform reverse lookup on an IP address. (Linux and Unix)
route Used to view and configure the routes in the routing table.
arp Used to view and work with the IP address to MAC address resolution cache
ping -t Continuous ping request until stopped by ctrl+c
ping -a resolves addresses to hostname
ping -n count specify the number of echo requests to send
ping -r count records the route for count hops
ping -s count timestamp for count hops
ping -w timeout timeout in milliseconds to wait for each reply
arp -a or arp -g Displays both the IP and MAC and wether they are Dynamic or Static entries
arp inet_addr Specifies a specific Internet Address
arp -N if_addr Displays the ARP entries for a specified network interface
arp eth-addr Specifies a MAC address
arp if_addr Specifies an Internet Address
arp -d Deletes an entry from the ARP cache
arp -s Adds a static permanent address to the ARP cache
netstat -a Displays the current connections and listening ports
netstat -e Displays Ethernet statistics
netstat -n Lists addresses and port numbers in numeric form
netstat -p Shows connections for the specified protocol
netstat -r Shows the routing table
netstat -s Lists per-protocol statistics
netstat interval Specifies how long to wait before redisplaying statistics
nbtstat -a (Adapter status) Outputs the NetBIOS name table and MAC addresses of the card for the specified computer.
nbtstat -A (IP Address) (Adapter status) Lists the remote machine's name table given its IP address.
nbtstat -c (cache) Lists the contents of the NetBIOS name cache
nbtstat -n (names) Lists local NetBIOS names
nbtstat -r (resolved) Lists names resolved by broadcast or WINS
nbtstat -R (Reload) Purges and reloads the remote cache name table
nbtstat -S (Sessions) Summarizes the current NetBIOS sessions and their status
nbtstat -s (sessions) Lists the sessions table, converting destination IP addresses into computer NetBIOS names
nbtstat -RR (Release Refresh) Sends name release packets to WINS and then starts Refresh.
nbtstat RemoteName Remote host machine name
nbtstat IP address Dotted-decimal representation of the IP address
nbtstat interval Redisplays selected statistics, pausing interval seconds between each display. Press Ctrl+C to stop redisplaying statistics.
ipconfig /all displays additional
ipconfig /release Releases the IPV4 address of the specified adapter
ipconfig /release6 Releases the IPV6 address of the specified adapter
ipconfig /renew Renews the IPV4 address of the specified adapter
ipconfig /renew6 Renews the IPV6 address of the specified adapter
ipconfig /flushdns Purges the DNS cache
ipconfig /registerdns Refreshes the DHCP lease and registers the DNS names
ipconfig /displaydns Used to display the information in the DNS cache
route add Enables you to add a static route to the routing table
route delete Enables you to remove a route from the routing table
route change Enables you to modify an existing route
route -p When used with the add command, makes the route permanent. If the -p switch is not used when a route is added, the route is lost upon reboot
route print Enables you to view the system's routing table
route -f removes all gateway entries from the routing table
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