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Maniac Magee 26-36

Maniac Magee Ch 26-36

grappled to seize and struggle with one another
repertoire a supply of skills or devices possessed by a person
preposterous making little or no sense; absurd
grouse grumble; complain
languished to become weak or feeble through pain, hunger, etc.; pine with love or grief
jackal a wild dog from Africa and Asia related wolves that scavenge or hunt in packs.
desolation sadness resulting from grief or loneliness; lonely sorrow
pallbearer a person who helps to carry the coffin at a funeral
lambaste to scold roughly; to strike again and again; beat severely
sumac trees, shrubs, and woody vines having leaves turning to brilliant colors in autumn, spikes or loose clusters of red or whitish berries, and in some cases can be irritating to the skin
Created by: mrskopari