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coa2242 q4

Rothko No. 14 1960 Abstract Expressionism
Frankenthaler Bay Side 1967 Abstract Expressionism
Rauschenberg Canyon 1959 Pop Art
Johns Flag 1955 Pop Art
Warhol Marilyn Diptych 1962 Pop Art
Lichtenstein Hopeless 1963 Pop Art
Hanson Supermarket Shopper 1970 Pop Art
Bacon Painting 1946 Neo-Expressionism
Kiefer Nigredo 1984 Neo-Expressionism
Schnabel The Walk Home 1985 Neo-Expressionism
Smithson Spiral Jetty Utah 1970 Earthworks
christo and Jeanne-Claude Surrounded Islands Biscayne Bay 1983 Earthworks
Judd Untitled 1969 Process Art
Kosuth One and Three chairs 1965 Conceptual Art
Judy Chicago The Dinner Party 1979 Body Art
Beuys How to Explain Pictures to a Dead Hare 1960 Body Art
Close Big Self-Portrait 1968 Photorealism
Flack Marilyn 1977 Photorealism
Pollock Number I (Lavender Mist) 1950 Abstract Expressionism
De Kooning Woman I 1952 Abstract Expressionism
Created by: kanavulator